SFA Harvest Festival Day & Night

In the morning was the breakfast sale, we were there at around 8.30am. I was in-charge of the Guess the Doll’s Name stall, my mom was doing the food sales while my dad chipped in and out between stalls. Auntie Susan was helping out my mom when my mom took rest while Uncle Richard as usual got into this mode which is annoys people in a good way.
Auntie Susan so cheery with Mom
(Happy Mother’s Day)

Dad brought his camera long and didn’t snap any pics
Uncle Richard and Dad sorting the “ubi’s”

Aaaa Uncle Christopher loves being spoon-fed

The stage during the day

After we sold out all the food; including the 423 muffins me and my mom made which I got a bad migraine the day after, we went home and zzzzzz… That night itself was the Charity Dinner in Aid of The SFA Church Building Fund in collaboration with the Harvest Festival @ Hari Gawai. All 60 tables were sold before we could choose out seats. But thankfully we got Table 52 which was right under the booming fan. Yeap it was hot! So hot that I sweat through whatever I wore that eveing.
The stage at night time

Ooo the crowd

Mom and Dad
(Mom wasn’t well.. she was stoning the whole day because she didn’t sleep the night before)

Uncle Richard which was my bodyguard for the night

Patrick and Annie

Auntie Catherine with her son and Auntie Alice 

That’s Father Michael.. shhh. He was the one that rectify my marriage in church

That’s Father Andrew

There were cultural performances from the Sabah group, the African Americans and the Indonesians. Special performance were delivered by Francisca Peter and 2 young Latin dancers who stole the night away. 

Francisca Peter entertaining the crowd

A fine piece of duet with Father Valentine

She sang and sang… I think she hogged the stage a little too much

OMG one more song? No.. 2 more songs.. no it was actually 3 more songs. Too many songs, so many seats went empty.

And finally, some eye-popping entertainment. This really got the crowd wild which I’ve never seen before. Men were doing those whistle thingy and I was practically screaming my heart out from the side plus asking others to follow me. You actually have to howl to keep the dancers going and even the crowd burning. (Thanks to CC for their contacts)

Vernon and Yen Thing

He insist on having his photo taken.. I think his name was ‘Tung-ga” or something like that.

Oh what a day.. we were practically drained out. Mom couldn’t wake up the next day for market and breakfast. I nearly couldn’t wake Joe up for his school. Mom slept the whole day and the day after. She was really really tired the day before in getting the preparations done and the many dishes she cooked to sell. But we were really happy that all our muffins were sold out. Fret not, tomorrow Mom and I are going to make Chocolate Mud Cupcakes and they’re all mine!!! Hehe!

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