Pullman Lakeside Hotel and Resort

Pullman Lakeside Hotel and Resort is situated near the Putrajaya Convention Centre; Precint 5. Though it says Precint 5, never follow the direction boards to Precint 5 as it’ll bring you in a circle which only makes the journey longer and winder like what we experienced. It is better to take the first entry into Putrajaya, wade through the government sector buildings and ride pass the Convention Centre. The signs to Pullman are tiny so one won’t be able to notice them. So, turn right at the Convention Centre, then you’ll be able to see the pretty architecture complimenting the man-made lake.

We went to the hotel on the 1st of May which was Labor Day. They were having a soft opening so we had the room at half price. We got there at around 1.30pm. Both Hubby and I planned to have a romantic getaway sans kids. We also wanted to celebrate our soon coming 8th Anniversary. The place was indeed beautiful with contemporary fixtures and designs. Here are a few photos that Hubby took which will definitely impress you.

Looks quiet huh? It was! Haha. The duty manager was a bit nervous but she was kind as she upgraded us to an executive room. Yay! But… we were disappointed when we got into the room because of some malfunction, we then had to change rooms twice in 3 hours.


Key Cards Galore! I think we have access to 3 rooms since they didn’t request the return of the previous cards.

First room (5112) : Air-condition wasn’t working.. foreman came and go twice… first he twitched the buttons and unscrew this and unscrew that… then, the second time he came, he brought a huge ladder… he patronized our bathroom for 15 minutes to check on the problem… nothing can be done, so we got a room change!

Hub was unwell.. pity him, he had to zombie-walk the aisles during room changings


Second room (5121) : We actually got downgraded to a smaller room… never mind since we already wasted an hour plus… unfortunately when we turned on the TV, it wasn’t working; so were the plugs! This time, we were quite annoyed. Hub called the duty manager and made complaints. An hour later, we got a knock on the door.. new key card… more walks… and another room change!

horrible view

lack of maintenance


Third room (5203) : YES! Finally at 4pm, after another walk, a lift up to the second floor, we reached our designated room.. it was as big as the first room TG.. too spacious for the both of us. So, at 4.30pm, we left to get the kids from my mom’s without telling them where we’re heading! Gotta surprise the kids!



We normally do ‘in-room dining’ but the prices of food were a little over our budget. I don’t think the food are worth the prices based on the club sandwich we ordered earlier in the day.


So, for dinner we went to Alamanda to enjoy some Penang food. While we were there, we bought some tit-bits for the kids, snacks for myself and drinks for Hubby. Sad to say, I don’t know why but the hotel management locked its room fridges. To prevent theft or maybe to prevent hotel guests like us to make use of the amenities.


What’s great in rooms are the complimentary usage of the TRAX yoga mats and dumbbells which we didn’t use.


They provided umbrellas too as you know, this is a resort with open air walkways. So, this is a plus to get around the resort if it pours.



Next day, we went for buffet breakfast at the Bs Restaurant. No, it wasn’t free. We paid RM45++ per person and luckily the cashier was so thoughtful; she omit the kids breakfast so we only paid for ourselves. Kids age from 6-12 get to eat at half price. So, it was pretty okay. Food wasn’t as good Cyberview Lodge. Omelette station was a bit messy; a little out of place. Breads, patisseries and juices were all the way at the back. I thought those should be upfront as starters. Hmm.. weird. Not much varieties though the restaurant is very stylish with its indoor and outdoor seatings. Service weren’t that great. Plates weren’t cleared and staff were child-unfriendly. Sobs!


When there are kids; there’s the pool time!

We weren’t sun-bathing; practically, I got sun-baked. The heat was so extreme that Hubby hid in the gym and did some workouts. Lucky him! My thighs and every other part was dripping with sweat. I even amused the pool deck guy.


After we’ve checked out, we went for some snaps. Kids had fun running around the open area which was great! There weren’t many people so Joe, Judith and Javier ran all they can, up and down the stairs; went this way and that. I think they enjoyed staying here except for the lack of friendliness which the staff failed to show. Maybe because it’s a business hotel and they are new like a newborn but it’s also a resort so, somehow I hope after a few months, things might get better and who knows we might come back again but next time, we’ll come in handy with food and drinks and a minimum 2 nights stay so the kids may enjoy the surroundings more.

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