Princess Party for Judith


Princess Judith turned 6 on the 16th of May 2009. It was Teacher’s Day too but luckily it was a Saturday so there’s no need a double celebration :p !
I planned weeks before, but somehow everything like came to a rush nearing that particular day. It was pretty hectic and wild but in a nice way. Some of Princess Judith’s royal friends RSVP the day before which was thumbs down. Made me even more stress than what I have. Goody bags, I’ve prepped; decorations, I’ve ensured; food, my Mom decided; cake, Hubby fetched; attendees, labeled; LOL!

Disney Princess so of course there’s always Mickey to share the lovely day – RM5.40

Chandelier Deco – 20 cents

Feel the LOVE when you enter
(Judith helped me to make this deco the night before – RM4)

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ banner – RM9.95



Princess Judith is 5, going on 6

Seriously, I’m not very good with rollers

Pin the Frog Game

The Piñata which I made myself – saved RM150
(my Piñata only cost less than RM10 + a lot of hard effort)

Prince Javier is prepping his jeans



Different flavors from Chinese to Malay to Indian and a touch of Western
Kiddy Finger Food

Pink Juice.. okay that didn’t sound well. Hmm there’s the mango platter and the pile of goody bags!
Princess Judith’s Barbie Jelly Cake



KuKu and KuZhang was the first to arrive

Then came Princess Balqis

Royal Highness Prince Sri Raam

2 Princes from India… Prince Dineshwar and Prince Trishantwar

.. with their unique gifts for Princess Judith
(a pair of earrings, a diamond ring and ‘kain songket’)

And then there were more Princesses and Princes

Ms Sinnu with Little Princess Sonia

and the party goes on…



Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, 
Happy Birthday to Judith, Happy Birthday to You. 
May the Good Lord Bless You, May the Good Lord Bless You, 
May the Good Lord Bless Judith, May the Good Lord Bless You!
(FIL and MIL are standing at the back)

now.. how to cut and distribute??

Alas one by one; bit by bit; step by step, Cecilia and I tore it down


GAMES + THE Piñata

Kiss the Frog/Pin the Crown on the Frog

Princess Judith
Princess Qistina
Prince Joe
Prince Sri Raam
Prince Danial
The Piñata

Uncle Yan fixing the Piñata

Princess Judith took the first HIT
Then Princess Qistina

Next was Prince Joe
Prince Sri Raam

Big buffalo also wanna try

Lastly Prince Dineshwar from India, the strongest of all whacked the castle violently 
till it break

My Piñataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it’s G-O-N-E

Special performance by Prince Sri Raam : serenade us with his version of ‘Beautiful Girl’



First is the smallest but the most useful -> CUP
Year 1 Revision Books which is Princess Judith’s favourite
(Both cup and books are from Kao-Gung and Auntie Jo)
2nd present.. this is from Yee-Ma
(Esprit butterfly pants and Princess Towel)

From Prince Sri Raam
(A Royal Princess Tea Cup Set + Princess Walkie Talkie; perhaps to communicate with each other)
Barbie Sling Bag from Ku-Jie and Billy
A Hannah Montana backpack from Ku-Po and Grand Uncle
Hello Kitty Beauty Set from ME
Stationery Set

Pink hair accessories


Prince Joe

Prince Sri Raam

Prince Trishantwar
Prince Dineshwar

Cecilia doing the ‘kawaii’ expession
Uncle Yan

Days of preparations for just one day. Gone in half a day! At the end of the day, what’s left are some leftovers…

 and plenty of zzzz…..

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Party

Prince Keshawn and Prince Joson couldn’t make it for the party but fret not, I’ve packed their goody bags and shipped over yesterday using ‘Big Brain Shipment’. And in return, Princess Judith received another present which is from Ujin, Jassy, Prince Keshawn and Prince Joson.
A Little Princess Musical Box
(this is one of Princess Judith’s wishlist)

Card Inspection!
Are there still presents coming? Watch this space next time!
And here is a THANK YOU video from Princess Judith to all!

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  • well happy birthday to your daughter ha ha. Funny. I know is late but never mind lah Zzzzz

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