Mother’s Day Retreat

I went for Her World’s Mother’s Day Retreat at 7th Floor, Pavilion. My mom couldn’t make it as she’s in Turkey with dad honeymooning for the ‘th’ times while my MIL ffk me kinda’ at the last minute. Made me super disappointed and sad because I planned to spend some mom-dot say with her but I’ve tried; at least I tried my best. So in the end, I brought along Josephine as my partner. Hehe… she was my ‘Godma-of-the-day’. Uncle Yan dubbed her as ‘MamaJo’. She’s into fashion, very sassy herself so why not? We could be ‘partners-in-necessary-events’. Sis wanted to go but sis couldn’t pull it off as a MOM, GRANDMA nor GODMA. That would be totally weird but I’m hoping for a ‘Sisters Day Retreat!’


So, we arrived there at 10.30am for the registration. This was Josephine’s first time to Pavilion and it was my first time to step foot on the 7th Floor. I’ve always wondered how to get to this Seventh Heaven and alas! Now, I can be certain that I have foot stepped the whole of Pavilion.

Jake brought the kids for ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ movie while I had my pampering session. First was the filling in forms, the weight, body mass, total fat measurements. I didn’t manage to see how much fats I have on the scale, sigh… but better not to know if not I’ll fret later to Jake.


Anyway, we had a briefing on what’s in store for us. Her World, Editor in Chief, gave a short preview of herself but so funny… She couldn’t remember the sponsors name well. Instead of RMK she said Lancome. OMG!! I could fill it in for her. Hehe! I was giggling at the side; so bad yar.

 There were 14 mother & daughter teams which makes the total 28 of us. Only 15 pairs were chosen over thousands. Somehow 1 pair couldn’t make it I guess. We were in the Gold team. There were a total of 4 teams. So we had to follow our team leader which was Sereena Leong and she’s gorgeously glowing with a little bub inside her. I envy her.. cuz I love being preggars (read more bout my love of preggars here CLICK TO GET ME PREGNANT -I was only joking).

P1000941  P1000942  

So, first on the list was hairstyling. I was hoping for some curls as you know I have washboard hair. So straight that no one believes it’s natural. They claimed that I did straightening but I DID NOT! Well, hairstyling was by Loreal Professional however, my hairstylist wasn’t that professional. He had straightened my hair using the flat iron. I was like OMG, I was supposed to look different because we were supposed to get a makeover. My hair was flat and now it went super-flat. After I had my turn, the leaders came and checked and they liked my hair. LOL! They said, “Flat hair suits me” and that my mane looks glossy now! Ya, thanks to the Loreal products that he used.

Josephine has wavy hair so he added curls to her mane. Looks quite nice actually.


After the hairstyling session, it was manis’ and pedis’ by Glitters Nail Bar. FYI it’s not ‘sweet and spicy’ but manicure and pedicure. It’s just a short term which some of us use. I chose to do my hands only because I can do my feet myself. Hands are a bit hard to tackle. I’m a LEFTY so using my right hand to polish my left nails are a bit tough. Josephine did her hands too but managed to get her toenails done as well later on. She went for a summer colour which was crayon pink while I was given a simple glitter polish which actually matched my toenails. I actually requested for a naked colour because since I’ll be doing housework, they won’t last long but the kind lady said, it’s Mother’s Day and after all it’s FOC why not make me pwetty just for the day? Haha!

After having nails done completed with hand massages, it was the Bizzy Body Special Treatment time! We earlier had our measurements taken so they can customize the treatment to cater to each individual. As I’m a stretch marks carrier, I had the ReForm(RF) Technology which employs the use of radio frequency waves to slim the body in a non-surgical way. Let me extract something from their web:

The high frequency of 0.3MHz or 0.5Mhz radio frequency waves penetrates deep into the skin layer to increase the heating of skin tissues. It restructures the skin collagen to produce and promote new collagen cells, resulting in gradual collagen tightening. It improves blood circulation of the body with the stimulation of blood flow as a result of the heat generated in the skin layer. It emits toxins such as cellulite as the radio frequency waves burn away fatty tissues.

Research proved that ReForm induction will increase body deeper temperature to 40◦C – 50◦C which has an excellent fat dissolving effects and increase blood circulation by 5 times. After 8 treatments, the total weight of fat cells was reduced 2.6 kg and shrunk up to 2.7cm

Now, don’t get me wrong. I only had 7 minutes of treatment so if you ask me whether was there any results.. I can’t really tell. All that I know is that this treatment is pretty dangerous. The machine has a cold flat panel which will be placed right under one of your thighs. Once the panel is there, you’re not supposed the budge. The cold panel is the key to start up the machine. So, once the machine has started the beautician started to converse and of course the information on other treatments were revealed. Pros’ of the programmes definitely. There’s no cons’ in them. Then, I forgot about the metal plate, so I lifted up my leg like unknowingly and I quickly put it down. That’s when I got zapped! Burned! Electrocuted for awhile. Sobs it hurt like crap for awhile. Today, there’s still a gash of mark. I think they should have used a strap to strap the metal to the leg to avoid such things. I might have forgotten and that I’m wrong but we can never be too careful.

Right after the treatment is finished, I was brought into a consultation room. And I know what goes there. The affirmation of aggressive consultants will dig all your unconfident matters and put it to their plan. My consultant was a mommy too. Mommy of 2 she said. And she shower me her tummy with stretch marks less than mine. Kinda like a free show to get me signing the papers. I was actually quite willing to join because it was so darn cheap. Less than quarter of the normal price just for the day. Really had me thinking.. hmm.


At that time, I didn’t know where was my “Godma-of-the-day”. We went split ways. That’s their tactics you know, to gain more customers. Split consultation to avoid teamed up alliance. Haha. Well, no matter. Not like I can afford and not like it’s the end of the world. My consultant said something that annoyed me in a way. She quoted,

“I’m sure your husband won’t mind you spending a bit of his money just to look beautiful for him, right? It’s not an offence after all you bore him 3 children.”

I was like hmm.. now you had me going into crazy mode. Whoa I was thinking this Bizzy Body really busybody. Suits the name; suits the brand. You’re not me, you’re not my husband. I only told her I’ll think about it. Then, when I have left. Left as in the event was over and Josephine and I were heading to the car park, my loyal consultant called me on my cell. Whoa… invading privacy. She just kept on reminding me that this is a great deal; that I should not miss it; or I can put a RM100 deposit and come back later. Very aggressive lady but couldn’t convince me enough. :p

After the drilling consultation, we went for lunch courtesy of Zang Toi’s Signature, Pavilion Parkson. Food was marvellous but quantity wise – not enough to go second round. LOL!


Manager or Parkson taking pictures.. quite good looking guy. Hehe!

Lunch gone, time for talk on nuvafemme®. nuvafemme® representative, Stephanie gave a talk using slide shows which we could have read by ourselves because she was reading through it the whole time. During the talk, Josephine and I were probably half awake. Kinda blur. Know more about nuvafemme® by clicking on nuvafemme®. Lucky me, lucky draw, drew me a box of nuvafemme®.

Next was the Panasonic Nano Face Steamer. There were nice Panasonic girls to elaborate on the product. I heard it cost RM1499 which was a bomb. For me, using the steam from the rice cooker is better; 2 in 1 save time and save cost plus you get to eat rice later. My steaming session finished earlier than Josephine because halfway through, her Nano Steamer ran out of the water. So, she had restart the course. So, I waited for her for the last pamper session of the day – makeup by RMK. Fui-yoh.


After Josephine came out from the Panasonic room, we were told to wait for our turn for the makeover. We didn’t want to sit near the Bizzy Bodies’ so we sat at the lounge area while turning our chairs checking on other beauty parlours. Soon, we were hollered by Ms Sereena.

The RMK girls were H-O-T. For a girl to say it is weird but they were sweet and saucy for sure. Complete with high heels and fashionable apparels. My makeup artist got a tongue ring; now I know why she talked funny. But, they were very informative on stuff. They not only promote their products but also gave us advice on other beauty things. I mean unlike the Bizzy Body consultant who practically forcing me to signup for their treatments.

My makeover wasn’t a makeover because I looked like I’ve never been done on. Looks the same as before. LOL! Jake said maybe there’s nothing can be done anymore. Hmm… But my left eye was ‘bengkak’ that night. I don’t know why but maybe because the makeup artist used RMK Foundation under my eye instead of concealer. Very itchy and bumpy now.

Makeup was the last pampering session we had. Soon, we had tea also by Zang Toi, then lastly another briefing acknowledging the sponsors and Lucky Draw for the remaining participants who didn’t get anything earlier. Both Josephine and I were hoping to get the Panasonic Hamper which includes a Panasonic Hair Curler and a Panasonic Eyelash Curler; but we didn’t get them. Josephine got Glitters Nail Bar Vouchers but she gave them to me and I don’t need them so my sis gets them.


I know I’ve already got the nuvafemme®, so I won’t be getting anything else besides the Goodie Bag which is worth over RM300 of stuff. YAY!

What’s in the goodie bag?



more vouchers… Glitters goes to sis and the Bizzy Body one.. I’m so scared to go back there.. stalkers!


RMK eye shadow just the right colour for me ‘BROWNS’

Loreal Paris Hair Color.. yippie.. something that I’ve always wanted… Loreal Elseve Night Serum.. yippie.. wanted it, touched it but didn’t buy it… Loreal Elseve Shampoo… yippie.. what I used to use.. currently trying out Asience which is quite good.

Yup another nuvafemme®… which makes 2… 

and then Josephine gave me another box since I had 2 already.. so 2+1 makes 3.

Panasonic Epilator… YES very important product so I can shave everywhere! WINK-WINK~ Something that I really need but thought many many times that it’s unnecessary to use a battery operated one because it’s for lazy people. Gotta’ learn to be lazy now!

Lastly, 2 eco bags also by Panasonic. Foldable and very good material. 

Well, that was all in a day. A little dramatic, a little hectic, a little boring and a little overwhelmed but it was a great experience. I won’t mind doing it again except for the Bizzy Body part. Too much to bear. Josephine and I had great fun, great food and great freebies. YAY!


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