Yesterday WE (we consists of Me, my sis, Joe, Judith and Javier) went to Jaya Jusco, Balakong for dinner. We decided to go for McD’s since it’ll be a quickie dinner and we don’t have much time to spare before the kids’ bedtime.

So, the kids took their places at the boxseats while sis and I went and queue. Quite a queue since only one counter was open (cut down on cost?). Don’t know where did all the crew went but I only saw 2 in the kitchen and one assembling orders. When it’s our turn, we proceed to order. Here’s what we ordered:
  • Large Value Meal McChicken without vege
  • Large Value Meal Chicken McDeluxe
  • Chicken McDeluxe ala carte’
  • 6pcs Chicken McNuggets ala carte’
To minimize the queue line, we moved to the side where a crew member proceed to place our tray with our orders. Came the McChicken, the drinks, the fries and one of the Chicken McDeluxe. However, the 6pcs nuggets went to the tray after us. You know what I mean? We were here first, we ordered and paid but the order goes to this ‘wanita’. It’s like HELLO? I can see my 6pcs nuggets there in someone’s tray. We were definitely putting on faces. Come on la.. isn’t it better to reduce the queue flow by filling our trays first? The lady who got the nuggets even left the counter before us. We were told to sit down and the nuggets and the remaining burger will be sent later. 
Next thing we know, the table beside us who came after us, got 2 Chicken McDeluxes’. Whoa.. sis went to the counter and was told to sit down. I went to the counter and they ignored me. I know the crew member who was assembling the orders was quite ‘bengang’ of us because we kept on requesting on our orders. We were also ‘bengang’ ok? From where I sit, there’s a mirror in front of me that let me watch the going ons at the counter. I know you’re busy telling your colleagues what a pain in the butt we were but there’s no excuse in mixing orders of customers. First come first serve. Comment forms ‘pun takde’. No manager was around too that’s for sure. The crew members were like ‘selamba aje’. Haihz so disappointing. 
First was the McDelivery problem, now this one…. 

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