Let’s Go to Taman Burung KL


To the KL Bird Park we go!!!! Mom decided to visit the bird park on her birthday. Only Javier went because the other two monkees went for Q-dees’s field trip to Petrosains KLCC. Javier didn’t go because I don’t think he understands the stuff there and they’re visiting DinoTrek which Javier should be terrified of. So, Joe took his place as an ex-Q-dees. He regularly attended Q-dees’ field trips even when he left to pursue his primary studies.

Before we left to KL, we had breakfast first. Mom and I were hoping for it not to shower. Then, it did but for only awhile which was great to cool the weather. We arrived at KL Bird Park at around 10.30am.


on our way… Javier is waiting for his surprise destination


“YAY” shouts the happy boy


showing off his big entrance into the park





yup he was the camera man!


that’s Mom getting busy with her new video camera

Come here birdie, birdie…

IMG_3634 IMG_3661



the lovely ostrich couple


emus’ with not much or a feather




oh look! an owl with pink eyeshadows


stork at large


red ibis… no I did not color it RED


  new breed of hens?


pearl hen


the famous hornbill


i call this the skinny bird


this parrot is so not talking

Birds’ Buffet Line…

IMG_3635 IMG_3660

KL Bird Park Stomperz….

 dad cam2 I’m feeding Lories

dadcam1 and their grasp hurts; no worries

dad cam6 playing Peekaboo with Dad wasn’t that bad


IMG_3657 the peacock; walk and walk just wouldn’t stop

IMG_3666 our tour guide kept us upright

IMG_3679 one of the flightless birds that burps

IMG_3683 my dad stood the straightest he could upon hearing ‘NegaraKu’ input

IMG_3686 sweat like a piggy but he’s happy

IMG_3691 heavenly stop but prices were over the top

IMG_3692 stopped for an ice-cream, a moment to dream

IMG_3694 the joy of coconut cost RM8

IMG_3696 dad’s portion which he gladly ate

IMG_3715 birds of prey; what a display

IMG_3734 amazed by the serenity

IMG_3736 mesmerize by its beauty

IMG_3740 follow the leader,

IMG_3744 up the ladder,

IMG_3745 slide all the way,

IMG_3747 bounce away

IMG_3753 sunnies are on, 

   IMG_3758 and a star is born! 

And that was when and where the camera battery died. After the bird show with tummies grumbling, we went for lunch at the Hornbill Restaurant. Dad said that was mom’s ‘Birthday Lunch’. Haha! That she got a ‘Birthday Drink’ (coconut) too.

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