I need to ZAP my GEAR

There’s this online shopping site I visited recently called       “Gear Zap” , which has everything you need for your Laptops. Prices are quite reasonable but sadly they don’t advise countries beyond EU to place orders because in the end, you’re subject to the UK VAT which will result you in paying more than what you have to. 

Nevertheless, it’s still nice to browse around and hope that (with my fingers crossed) that someday, someone will import this brand of bags (aha, be.ez, Cool Bananas) here but then of course with the tax and everything, pricing will definitely be higher.
From this site, you can find almost anything that is compatible with your Netbooks and Laptops; from accessories to cases and bags. What I’m sure is that, everything is being specified clearly and there’s not much of a need to Google on the products.
There were many things that caught my eyes. 
Check this out : Samsung NC10 Accessories
InvisibleSHIELD is cool. I mean I would get it if the measurements fits on my DELL, LOL. Ooo.. and the ‘Leather Folio Case’ is interesting yet classy. Why can’t they make other sizes as well? But again, this site caters mostly to smaller Notebooks like the Minis and the Eee Pc’s. 
And I really like the Belkin Quilted Sleeve but too bad I don’t have a ‘Netbook’ to use it. My DELL is 14″ so it’s a No-No. But anyway, don’t rely on the URL tags as the accessories are universal for any kind of Laptops and Netbooks but do take note on their measurements. What’s great is that they even have the pocket measurements for each of the bags. How convenient is that right? That way, we don’t have to worry whether it’ll fit our mobiles, plugs, etc.
Trendy bags : Samsung NC10 Cases
The aha Notebook bags are quite trendy in a way and the price is quite reasonable whereas the be.ez bags/sleeves are more in block colors. 
I’m sure soon the brands would be brought over. Popular brands like Crumpler, Targus and Belkin are already in the market now. I’m sure the other brands are great as well but one will only know when it’s been tried.
What I really really like personally is this EcoButton. Please please get me this!!! :p

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