Nasi Beriani + Apple Crumble Pie

We had yummylicious food yesterday. We had ‘Nasi Beriani’ for dinner and ‘Apple Crumble Pie’ for dessert. We ate dinner without any utensils as it’s finger licking good. I didn’t licked my fingers though; Jake did.. Hehe! Maybe I did a little…can’t remember

Rice aplenty : Raisins, cashew nuts, spices, tomatoes, carrot, etc.
Rice with pickled vegetables

Chicken buried in rice

Empty plate means delicious reached its’ peak!

Mom finished making the pie at 6.45pm. It took about 40-45 minutes to reached golden brown. So, it was the right timing. After we had the plentiful spice rice accompanied by curry chicken, we waited for the pie to cool a bit before we monstrously gobbled it down. Oh, and it’s topped with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream per triangle-cut. Gosh something like the restaurant would serve us, wouldn’t ya think?
Mom used rolled oats on the crumble! So yummy that I can just eat the top off!
Mom cutting the pie… it’s very very hot!
See? I don’t need to travel around to find great food. Because….

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