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My mom and I went Jaya Jusco, Balakong yesterday for the JCard Members’ Sale. We arrived at about 8.30am and this was the scene we encountered!


Look at the terrible jam!!! Before we even reached the junction, we saw cars stuck left and right, up and down. My ‘bulu’ already ‘naik’ before entering JJ.

Please Help Me! I’m so scared. This is my first JCard Day btw.


Econsave which is situated opposite JJ was so smart. The management was very smart lah not the brand. They closed their gates so JCard customers won’t parked at their lot. DAM!


He didn’t do his duty very well. One man against loads of housewives? Sorry my dear, this will be a tough day for you.


Mom manoeuvring wisely, avoiding the bizarre crowd


Mom and I don’t understand… why they all so ‘kan cheong’?


Breakfast on SALE! Not free one! Cheh!


Even going up to carpark takes longer than me having my beauty bath! Whoa look at those smart drivers; using the exit lane to go up. So desperate that they’re willing to risk their lives.


Guess! What are these? Boring while waiting in car. But quite hilarious to watch people running from one end to the other. A minute they were waiting there then the guard pointed out this door won’t be open. Haha. Run yall’ run.


Arrived in one piece.

So.. we found parking. Waited for the crowds to dissolve then we headed down to Old Town Kopitiam for a cuppa’.


Mom’s white coffee and my white milk tea

and of course.. a visit to the loo is a must while it’s still clean and since everyone seems to be attacking the sale.. we’ll just take our time.. hehe


What’s the fuss? Very cheap Nescafe, Milo, Mamy Poko, Cooking Oil, etc.

It was crazee…. so many people, worse than ‘pasar pagi’, worse than Petaling Street. Hai-yo. I think some were even half awake. Pity those kids who followed mom to shopping. They were sleeping in shopping carts piled with stuff. 

And then… there was Happy Hour. Happy Hour is freaky. Once they call out Happy Hour, everyone seems to be in aggressive mode. Whoa like a scene from the end of the world. Handbags were at 80% off, watches RM149 became RM49, bed comforters from RM299 poof to RM69 at Happy Hour. All the ‘tai-tais’ rushed and grabbed anything they could lay their hands on. ME? Just trying to figure how to get out of the human traffic.

Mom and I didn’t buy much things. Lots of people were pushing trolleys of stuff. We didn’t even have our hands full. There were just too many people. Changing rooms were occupied with long queues, cashiers were on automatic mode; cursing buttons, swiping cards and security guards were lost at controlling the crowd. I had ‘Sticker Shock’ too. Prices were so low that I could emit them but they weren’t particularly impressive to buy. I’m not the kind who buys on impulse.
Gotta think! Think! Think! 

So, we both gone through madness though it was only 3 hours felt like 30 minutes, a whole lot of crowd pressure and with not much purchased, we left JJ. As usual, parking space was limited and many vehicles were going round and round looking for parking space.


Going through the jam once more. Aggressive drivers are like zombies; they’ll pounce on you when you’re on your way out, WATCH OUT!


Bringing more stock? Nope! That was what I thought at first. Only when I saw what they were doing that Oh-Oh me. They were paying people to buy those cheap stuff from JJ. After buying, they’ll bring the purchases out, passed to these men here which will put into the lorry/van. Then, they’ll redo it over and over again. Most probably to resell later somewhere at a profitable price. When I return in the afternoon to changed something, I noticed WOW it’s 3/4 full already.


Hmm that’s more like it. Told ya’ one person ain’t enough to do the job!

See that stand there? Parking is FULL. So full that people parked at road sides, sides of the highway, and so far back to the factories and walked over. There was even a St. John Ambulance on stand-by in case of panic attacks inside Jaya Jusco. LOL!


‘Ada orang kena saman’. Duno what he did. Maybe he double-parked or just maybe, ‘mata-mata’ didn’t like the way he looked.

At the end of the day, I learned a new kind of shock, I call it the “Kind of Shock”. Duno what that means but it’s a kind, that’s for sure. So long JCard Day. I conclude that the experience was scary. Hopefully the next JCard Day will be extended to 2-3 days to avoid human traffic. I’ll be sure to fill in JJ’s comment form.

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  • Waaaahhhh… never knew those kind of situation during J card’s day. Hate congestion.

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