Great Things Come What May

I guess it’s time to talk about me. I’ve been talking about other things these days. Not that I’m not included in those things :p

Sigh, I’ve not been in cheery moods for the past week. My mind has been wandering elsewhere. What is it I’m pondering these days?

Well, just recently I won a contest worth of RM1000 of cosmetics. My favourite kind of makeup color is brown hues; earthy, nude colors. And most of the time, I get bright color eye shadows and chap sticks which I don’t usually use. I’m a natural color freak. I tried many times using extreme makeup on my face but somehow I end up with the same neutral tone. I need makeup lessons most probably.

So, I won. I quickly called Hub and leaped for joy while talking to him on the phone. I think I was jumping a little and out of breathy saying, “I won something!” Hub is happy and I’m sure he does although I don’t know the look on his face. He knows I win stuff once awhile and me calling him means….he has to send me to collect the stuff. THANKS HUBBY! I shared some with my mom and sis. When I told them I have news for them, they have that worried look. Maybe mom thought I was pregnant? Haha. Nah can’t be that lucky right?

I told them I won something. Sis grabbed the bag of goodies. Saw what was written there. ‘Women’s Weekly Promo Prize RM1000’. She screamed or maybe she yelped not like a dog but maybe a cute pup. Mom was WHOA or was it WAH-WAH. Both were grinning. Oh it was great. I wished I have my camera to snap them but never mind. Dad was asking is it a book? DAD! So him. Mom got the palette and the tinted lip balm. Sis ‘sapu’ the lip gloss with lippy-i-duno-what. That’s not the name of it thou’. I just can’t remember. I saved some for my own too. Bobbi Brown is my favourite. So, you guys out there. Get me Bobbi Brown gifts ya?

My sis asked me why am I so lucky always winning contests. But let me put it properly… not always; once in a blue moon only. I told her, ‘I guess I’m lucky then!’ Haha. Just be optimistic. If it’s not today then it’s tomorrow and if it’s not tomorrow, then there are other days to look forward to.

This is me without the green papers of course. But hopefully.. in a few years time those green papers will surround me.


I think my family is great. We don’t backstab each other but occasionally we do scratch ones shoulder. We don’t say unnecessary things. We don’t take people for granted. We don’t use our positions at home. We don’t make one’s life harder to get things done our way and of course there’s always the part where my sis gets me to find her stuff which went missing somewhere around the house. And at the end of the day, it was right there in plain sight.

Sorry I can’t share with everyone my gifts but I did shared some in the previous win. This time, I’m thinking about me, myself and I. But yet, I shared again with loved ones. I don’t simply give stuff to people who doesn’t appreciates it or they might not need it (because they have it already) or it might not be suitable for them or better; one can afford it. It breaks my heart when I present my win and it gets wrapped up somehow. How ironic.

Learning to give, learning to share is so great. I think it’s the greatest thing one can do but make sure you plenty then you share. Share what you can; what you may. It’s the one thing that makes me happy to see others happy. I feel the love around when I give. It doesn’t make me a hero but it makes me whole just because I see smiles in return. Just like what I did yesterday at Uptown collecting my prize. You may call me ‘stupid woman’ but whatever. I actually gave away a lippie to the lady security guard who was so friendly and also very preggars. She was soooo happy. Bet it made her day likewise. I told Hubby about it and Hubby wasn’t surprise of what I did. He knows that’s me, that’s his wifey :)

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  • wow.. bobbi brown! i know how much it worth even i am a guy (i used to work in estee lauder factory in UK)

    Lucky you!

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