I received my new laptop.. thanks to FIL and also Hubby for choosing the specs.


I dare not specify what are the specs because I’m not into them. All I told Hubby was as long as it’s FAST and it’s using WINDOWS not Mac. But I did chose the colour. Ha-ha.. before this, I was using Linux which was pretty crappy but after a few tries, I kinda love it and now.. I’ve got to leave the Linux behind and return to my WINDOWS. Geez here and there keeps my head spinning.




Hush Now…

Oh and my crappy old lappie keyboard, it decided not to fill me in without any notification. Hub had to get me a temporary USB keyboard. Arrgh after a few days, the alphabet keys went MIA. But, with my new keyboard.. Hub customize it to have lighted up keys. So amazing.. very useful for night use.

Turn off the lights!


Turn on the lights!


And the heat.. you know how hot my old lappie can get? I think I could fry and egg. If it’s idle long enough, it could burn a hole in my bed sheets.

Ooo.. now that I can use Windows Live too, it’s so fantastic. I was using Pidgin; it was simple and straight forward and not too fancy like the new WLM. Still a virgin to this 2009 version. But once you got used to something, you’ll adapt….. like ME!
So.. back to my new laptop. It’s from DELL. I’m thinking of what to name it. Should it be a her or a him? Hmm.. most people call their precious stuff BABY, but I don’t think I’ll ever settle for that. I’ve got too many babies by my side. Maybe, I should just name it LAPPIE like always.
Gone is the old and arise is the new.
Back to the blog, blogging is kewl…
I’m so over the moon which is cool,
Lots to update lots to view!


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