Easter @ Home


First of all, Happy Easter everyone!!!

Easter Day was great! Very simple and homey. The kids even made their very own Easter eggs. Each of them were given 2 eggs but I add in extra touch to their boring eggs, I’m so bad! Anyway some got cracked during the process of designing so I was merely covering up the proof.


It almost rained the whole day so it was cooling and refreshing but not when the taps ran dry. It’s mind boggling when we are in the kitchen prepping food without the convenience of water. So hard to do washing and cleaning up. Mom was ‘aarrhing’,

“Of all days; but today”.

So.. Uncle Yan came with his bags of life or is it life of bags? He brought his kick-S equipment. Lights, poles, more poles, tripod, etc. He’s helping mom treating the food to some spa attention.


And since he has the kick-S lights, so must well everyone grab their cameras and start clicking away. Share the lights.

We invited Uncle Richard too since he was home alone. :( 

Too bad I couldn’t get him to come as The Easter Bunny!


We had glorious food. It was mouth-watering, sensational, tantalizing and pretty arousing kinda flavours. I think the size of my stomach expanded an inch more… Lol!


-Soup for the Family-

Pork Knuckles’ Minestrone Soup.



Fried spinach with prawns


        I call the dish on the left Shroom Clam Salad; it has fresh button mushrooms, enogi, Portobello mushrooms and clams. And on the right is lemon garlic potatoes.


Salad with blue cheese dressing.. different from what we used to eat. Lotsa cute cubic cheese!


Enchilada but without the ‘lada’ because Rina’s Recipe are also for kids @ FD4+


Luncheon Spinach Pie

(so delicious that Joanne had to tapau home)


‘Pat-Pou Kai’ as in ‘8 Treasure Chicken’ cooked in 8 different kinds of treasured ingredients



Leg of Lamb with rosemary aroma

IMG_3297 IMG_3307

Roast Guinness Stout Pork

(yup the black beer, that Guinness)


Complimentary of Uncle Richard, his famous ‘Assam cili padi’ fish and he ate his own ‘cili padi’ thrice during dinner, bless him!


Tiramisu for dessert made by my sister. Everyone had double servings as it was a little bit exciting because of the Baileys at the bottom. Kinda’ like a pick me up or maybe BOOM for some people.

Lovely Miss Joanne also got to savour Mom’s Recipe. She licked her plate and bowl squeaky clean! Eer.. what’s with the winking? I think she had too much of Baileys!




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  • hahahaha noooooo i’m not drunk! (i know that’s what all drunkards say, but noooooo…haha)

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