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I was searching through some websites to see which are interesting so that I can update my favorite sites. I found this site which caught my attention which shows all kinds of sports shoes and sneakers which are pretty eye-catching. Sorry that they are not the high-fashion heels that I should be talking about but these shoes are in fashion now. Go for comfy and sporty look while you can. Some sport shoes aren’t necessarily designed for the extreme, in fact some are quite fashionable. 

I particularly like this design, the Nike Air Wildwood Premium
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Some say it looks old fashioned but I like to think of it as classic. I love the woven part. I love the fact that it’s lightweight and it’s simple and elegant. Not too fancy for me BUT… it’s for men’s. Sobs.. how disappointing. 
The LIVESTRONG x Nike Lunar Everyday isn’t so bad either. I know Cc would love this pair because of its color. The color contrast is there. Its color is very appetizing. Haha.
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I won’t say other designs are ugly too. Different people have different taste. So… I went and search for women’s designs. I kinda like Puma too. Like the fact that the ankles are low and they’re flat at the sole. Like a ballerina shoe. My dream of becoming a ballerina failed so, I’m realizing my dream in wearing ballerina-like shoes. Gosh pitiful of me!
For more designs and details, you can visit their main homepage —>
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  • Good information.

    Buying a smart pair of sports shoes is something most people fancy. The medley of colors, elegant designs and ‘hottest in the market’ factor greatly influence one’s decision while buying their sports wear. But how often does one think of the practicality of the shoes and the purpose and sport for which it has been designed? Maybe very few may base their decision on the intended sport they play rather than the look of the shoe.

    When buying a pair of professional sports footwear, it’s very important to understand that every shoe is designed for a specific sport while some serve the purpose of daily wear. Therefore, if you are in a daily exercise routine or play specific sports, then you should buy only those shoes that have been designed for that sport. However, if you are looking for a smart and sleek pair of sports shoes for regular wear, then you can base your buying decision on the look of the shoe.

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