Weeks ago, we went for our monthly splurge. We decided to try some Lebanese food. This restaurant is situated on the 6th floor of Pavilion, KL.

The place was very nice with alluring details. Red decorations with dark lightings made the place warm and romantic at the same time.

I must say though, the food wasn’t as yummy as we expected it to be and the service was very poor. Maybe they had a bad day but either way, Al-Amar didn’t leave a good impression on us. I’m not sure if the place is fine-dining or a normal diner. It sure looks as if it’s a fine-dining place but it just wasn’t. Pretty disappointing for the price we paid. The place was empty and only our table was occupied.


The place was indeed beautiful.. I love the lightings.. Hubby, can we make our future bedroom like this? :p


I don’t look too happy aren’t I? Bad service makes me feel this way :(


We had empty glasses on our table. They don’t serve ‘sky juice’ complimentary. I wonder why they put glasses on tables in the first place if they don’t intend to fill them. Remind me to bring my own water next time if I ever go there again!


Lemonade was wholly refreshing; only the drinks were awesome and Hubby finished it in one gulp!


Lebanese Sausages as appetizer.. kinda reminds me of Javier’s ………………..!


Mutton with spice rice; something similar to nasi beriyani but loaded with Lebanese herbs and spices. Hub gave a 3/10.


I had the grilled chicken with a few flat-out pita breads served with lemon garlic sauce. Mine was somehow 3/10 too.

Al-Amar gotta improve on the staff’s friendliness. Food wise, I’m not so sure because it was F1 week and they were hands full in preparing a feast for some event. Maybe our table isn’t so important after all.

I gotta say, the restaurant at the opposite, Bosphorus which serves Turkish Food, did leave a better impression on us based on the previous time we went. Service was excellent and food was definitely worth the money.

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