Words From The Red Chair

YOU went to Dubai last Saturday,
Missing YOU so much from night till day,
Kids ask me where’s Daddy? I’d say,
Flew to work coming back on Saturday.

Getting by the mornings were easy,
As chores are done kept me busy
Noons get by fast as you’re often at work
Nights are the hardest like some-thing’s on the lurk

Hard to communicate hard to reach
Stuck on YOU; keen as a leech
Kids behaved what YOU preached
Once or twice situation breached

Joe would sometimes call YOUr name
Judith would remind him of the same
Javier would say, ‘where’s my blue game?’
At the end of the day, the wild I will tame

Wondering how YOU’re doing there
Is it full of surprises or they just give YOU the stare
How does the food experience fare
I ponder also while I’m sitting on our red chair

Everything is fine so don’t worry
I can handle them YOU know they are corny
Notty they are but their antics makes me ooey
Reminds me of YOU never leaving me empty

Take care my dear; I’ll see YOU very soon
Drink plenty of liquid; doing YOUrself a boon
Happy to hear from YOU; I’m over the moon
Sweet dreams my dear; just let me croon…

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