What Do You Do With Your Stress?

Stress… I get stress do you? There’s the good stress and the bad stress. The stress I’m stressing about is ‘distress’. Stress accumulates and you let it go just like that. But, in what way do you let it out? For me, I scour the bathroom. I always do that and I don’t really realize that myself until Jake told me.

Hmm.. now to think back, I do release my anger when scrubbing the floors. I mean with anger you could scrub off almost anything. You’re double the strength and the pace. Haha! Good and cheap therapy.

When in anger, you’ll do stuff you’ll never do on an ordinary day. It’s like an automatic thing. It just switches ON/OFF. There’s no PAUSE button. And when you start to PLAY, it goes on and on till the end. Then when you have hit the STOP button, everything goes back to normal like you’ve been possesed by your alter ego.

And then, there are times when I just break down and cry. Sob my heart out for no reason. You really can’t ask what’s wrong because you, yourself is lost. It’s like your world come crushing down for that very moment.

Or when it’s a minor stress, I just shut away as in hide some place where no one sees me, take a deep breath and count from one to ten then another deep breath. TADA!

Though I transfer my negative mood into scouring the loo, I bet different people have different methods of doing so:

  • some will indulge in food; I can’t… I don’t even have the appetite to eat,

  • some will do shopping therapy; I only do that when my purse is loaded cuz’ it’ll only make matters worse when you favour something and can’t buy it.

So.. I was wondering what do you do when fire builds up inside of you and how do you let it go?

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  • for me!! i dance and dance and dance… though sometimes dance will make me cry and down and discourage too… but i just dance to release all the stress away..!! :D

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