Sorry I haven’t been active in my blog lately. Since Jake got back from Dubai, I have been busy. Busy with what? I also wanna find out myself. Right after Jake touched-down, we headed off to somewhere quiet just the both of us. We’ve got to re-charge out LOVE meter. Haha I’m only kidding. It’ll give us some time together and also to rest. In fact, Jake rested about 2-3 hours while I hanged around the hotel with Eirene, my best gal. She’s kind enough to upgrade us into another room which was perfect! (Thanks GAL)

Jake bought me this dress from Dubai… it’s actually a nightie but both of us were thinking that if I wore it to a formal event, no one would actually know.. LOL! It is so beautiful that I paraded and danced around in it – perfect!

~sweet back~

perfect! Don’t you think so? I’m going to a textile shop, get some cloth, visit a tailor and make sure he/she copies this exact style. I’m going to wear it for our “10th Wedding Anniversary” even if we’re only celebrating at home… :p

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