Johore – Work & Play

Last Friday we went to Johore. Jake went there for work while we tagged along to play. Nothing much to play actually. Playing was mostly done throughout the 4 and a half hours journey where Jake and I patiently absorbed their screams of boredoms.
Kiddos loving the road trip

Jake can’t wait to ‘tambah nilai’

Super packed at the boot area leaving luggages to be propped in front @ ‘my seat’
(I have to squeezed with the kids at the back)

Our breakfast!
We patronized the drive-thru because it was pouring outside

ME and my long lost cuppa

Javier fooling around

Throughout our journey, it was raining ON and OFF sans the storms. It wasn’t too hot either. The kids were bragging with questions from KL to JB. Questions posted were:

  • “Why so long one?”
  • “Now what time?”
  • “Now at where?”
  • “What time is it?”
  • “Reach already?”

We arrived at the Dorsett Hotel around 4pm after Jake had completed his todo task. The hotel was adjoined with the Prima Regency Apartment/Condo. So, basically residents and guests have to share the facilities including the carpark.

The living area with the sofa bed.
(Joe and Judith busy with their books while Javier is in his ‘SUSU’ moment)

Our bedroom

Simple bathroom amenities
(no tub but love the rain shower)

View from the balcony

We only stayed for the night. After breakfast, I did some packing while Jake rested and the kids making most of their time playing around the room.

Checkout Time!

Javier planning to go somewhere perhaps?
Lets follow him!

Ah.. he was eyeing for the water-wall-fall!

We left soon after. The hotel didn’t have a child pool so we didn’t stay long. It’s a business hotel so explains the minimum services but the room was okay. The kids seems to adapt to any kind of room as long they are in hotels. Haha. Different atmosphere different surroundings. They just enjoy being in hotel rooms. When we tell them, “Lets go down for a snack”; they’ll be like, “Call the food upstairs @ Room Service”. Well, I guess my kids prefer the pampering.

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