JAVIER’s 4th Birthday

-on the 20th of March @ Friday

Every year on every birthday (my JAY’s only), I prep goody bags for my kids so that they can share their favourite goodies with their friends in school. Judith normally helps out as Joe tends to either munch some of the goodies in between or end up asking too much questions which never gets the job done. So, this prepping is for ‘JAVIER’s 4th Birthday’ where the goods will be delivered on Monday the 23rd.

One packet of chips, 2 sweets each, one waffle, one chocolate, 2 jellies, etc..

Smaller goody bags are for other classes

Bigger goody bags are for JAVIER’s classmates

Busy counting, busy prepping

Beautifully tied with red ribbons… the Gold ribbon is JAVIER’s.

46 in total here

JAVIER helping at the stickers

YUP, he’s turning 4 and I’m so scared.. can’t they just stay at 3 all the way?

JAVIER is very ‘into’ his work

-Stick no bills-

-on the 21st of March @ Saturday

“How old are you, JAVIER?”


Kiddos’ can’t wait for the cake


I come in PEACE; I want some cake…

Pity FIL not feeling too well – he remained station on the comfy sofa

Backup choirs hehe – BeBek, Novita and Ekin

Couldn’t get Ultraman cake in time, but got a YELLOW cake which is JAVIER’s favourite color and 2 Ultraman wannabes’ as cake props!

Joe, JAVIER, Judith and MIL @ Omak

back row : Nancy and CC
front row : Joe, JAVIER and Judith

As usual our very own ‘household candle lighter’

Awwww.. he’s shy when were rendering the ‘Birthday Song’

Jake trying to cheer the shyful Birthday Boy

Puff! Phew.. luckily he waited until the song finishes..

Whoa! Somebody gonna get some hurtin’

Present from JAVIER’s YeYe and Omak

What is it? What is it? Omak is very excited! Lol!
It’s a Benetton Hoodie Jacket and it’s YELLOW!

JAVIER’s wish list present…. guess what??

tissues! YES you do see how happy he is, right? Tissues are indeed important. That was just a playful attempt played on him but he didn’t fret. Now, the real present from CC is…

YES! A new doodle. ‘Winnie The Pooh Megasketcher’ by TOMY

So… after dinner, after cake, what’s the atmosphere like?

TADA! One remains East, the other remains on the West.
(too tired + too sick = restless)

-on the 22nd of March @ Sunday

Mom bought some muffin mix and decided to bake some for JAVIER’s mini birthday party which be held in his kindy.

First batch of chocolate muffins

These are blueberry muffins

I’ve bedazzled them!

4 pretty muffins

So, while Mom and I were busy baking muffins and beautifying them, Dad was…
…zZzZ..he claimed his sorethroat made him tired. LOL!

JAVIER bedazzled his mini cake

What did we get for JAVIER?
They are all excited!


Yes! It’s a….. I don’t know what is it called in English but I call it ‘telur tikam’. JAVIER loves to ‘tikam telur’ so we got him his very own machine. He normally ‘tikam telur’ at one of the ANIME shops in Cineleisure Damansara.

-on the 23rd March @ Monday

Muffins and goody bags in placed… OFF we go!!!

JAVIER with his birthday badge that I made for him in the morning.

Puan Lina, the school principal and Ms. Jasslyn putting out the muffins

They can’t wait to eat the colorful muffins

Everyone is singing but he’s crying… LOL!

He doesn’t want to blow the cake… all his friends are just waiting for it to end.

In the end, Judith blowed out the candles for him.

Snack time! Time to dig in!

Judith and a friend

JAVIER distributing goody bags to his schoolmates, all 58 of them.


Present from my Brother and his gf

Ben 10 trolley bag..

Yup.. it’s rolling indeed!


Present time again! Gift from Sis, Mom and Dad.

Opening! So heavy! Cannot lift up!

YES! Colored blocks all the way from Hamleys, Dubai.

Brainchild at work


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