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A week ago on this very same day, I went to HELP University College @ Damansara with Nancy and her cousins. We attended the “Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness Programme” at the college. Coincidentally, Cecilia was the emcee of the programme. So, we went there to support her and also to get the vaccine ourselves.

I googled and found out that some people are against this vaccination. HPV stands for human papillomavirus. This particular vaccine helps to protect against 4 types of HPV. I don’t know why but they claimed that it doesn’t work. Hmm.. I mean it’s no harm in getting vaccine and if it does saves you in the future then why not? Get more info @ GARDASIL

T-Shirts were selling at RM25 each and all proceeds goes to charity

Goody bag… inside was filled with informative sheets of in information… :p
Notebook = pre-jab
Wet Tissues = post-jab

Beautifying the stage as well as preventing the sun blaze upon our eyes

Nancy and Me waiting for the talk to begin…

Cc ready to tackle the impatient crowd = US

Action time!!!

Jovita popped by

That’s Dr. Alan Teh giving out information on Why, What, When, Where, and How. He also added some sex education during his lecture which wowed some of the younger audiences like little Chloe, my cousin-in-law.

Billy the photographer, the emcee’s partner on and off the stage

Cc questioning Billy about his plans for their future.. Billy is indeed in deep thought.. hmm

A representative from Maybank delivering his speech on the benefits of MB Women Insurance

Guess who was sitting in front of ME?
Yup it was Sazzy Falak and Aishah Sinclair. They made a special Celeb appearance.. they talked about the importance of getting vaccine and also create awareness on Earth Hour.

Hip-Hop performance by HELP students

Cheque presentation to WAO (Women’s Aid Organization)

Rendezvous for Aishah and Cc since SoYouThinkYouCanDance 2

Sazzy and Aishah

ME and Cc

Chloe getting her vaccine first in line

-i have yet to receive the picture from the photographer of myself getting vaccine-
We 5 are aware.. well, only 4 of us here.. the +1 is Cc and she is somewhere..

I took the vaccine.. had a little bruising at the area which is common and I have been informed during Dr. Alan’s lecture, it might caused some swelling and redness as well. It’s no biggy. I’ll have to go for the 2nd dose next month and the 3rd which will be the last dose in August. This means, this vaccine contains 3 jabs taken in a period of 6 months. This programme was held to create awareness among girls as young as age 9 to young adults.


Famous celeb like Anita Mui died from cervical cancer years ago when cervical cancer was still invisible to the world and just recently Jade Goody lost her battle against it too. Her effort in creating awareness by living her life in the media even when she was dying was dubbed heroic in the UK. You may not know this but cervical cancer is the 2nd deadliest among women.

In memory of
Jade Goody

Before she was diagnosed

She remained calm throughout her ordeal..

One of her final days…

more info @ WalesOnline


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