FUKUYA – Authentic Japanese Cuisine

A week ago, we dined at FUKUYA. It is situated along Jalan Delima, just behind the Indonesian Embassy. Right after you turn into the lane, be sure to drive slowly with sharp eyes. Mr Lim spent Hubby for being his colleague buddy and ME for my birthday. Hubby and ME arrived earlier than expected. So, we got to sit down, relax and scan the surroundings.


Ooo.. the splendid serene of the japanese garden

The varieties of SAKE’

The dining area

The entrance

Nope it’s not a tea set. Inside the pot is filled with shoyu @ soy sauce whereas the little squarish jar lays my favorite chilly flakes

After Mr Lim arrived, we pursue to our menu selection. So much to see so much to read. In the end, Hubby and Mr Lim went for the set menu. Hub ordered the Unagi Set while Mr Lim ordered the Sashimi Set. I went for ala carte’ instead.


Unagi Chiri Padi Maki (RM25 for 8 / RM12.50 for 4)
This is the tastiest maki I’ve ever eaten. It’s filled with barbecued eel and chiri padi @ ‘cili padi’
(a bit on the spicy side but worth the taste)

Hub’s cold appetizer

My delicious fish skin salad which is to my liking!
I got to choose which sauce I want from the tasting plate.

Our plate of sashimi (RM120)
(so fresh so yummy.. heavier on the meat; less on the rice)

Hub’s personal sushi plate

Shark fin chawanmushi/soup

Honorable Mr Lim

The view of the entrance when the sun goes down.. very ZEN

Private dining glass rooms to ensure no hanky panky.. hehe

So not ready for pictures yet…

YAY 3 makan buddies..
-TQ valet man for snapping this pic for us-

Oh THANK YOU Mr Lim for the delicious, wonderful, tasty dinner. We’re sure to go back there for the UNAGI CHIRI PADI MAKI.

Verdict: Place is beautiful, not enough ventilation, lack of staff and it was dripping at a few places which they managed to cover up; but overall staff were friendly and food was awesome.

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