Dinner with Hub’s Relatives

Hubby’s relatives came up for a visit. Some came from Singapore and some came from Malacca. All the purpose of visiting PoPo who has been hospitalised for the past few weeks. But, on the optimistic side, she brought all her children together. Erm.. children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and grandchild-in law = ME? Haha…

So, about 25 of us gathered at Tai Thong, Cheras Plaza for dinner. Dinner was sans Hubby (Dubai), MIL (Jakarta) and Cc (Hong Kong). Oh my, sans 3 of them also total so much already. Imagine all the YONGs’ came!

Lovely Ta-Ku

Ekin and Joyce
(sorry photo is blown but I know you like it this way)

FIL (not feeling well-explains the jacket) with fellow cousins-in-law

Joe with Grand Uncle Keat from Singapore
(he’s totally a copy of my Dad-explains the chemistry)

Uncle, Mei-Mei and Auntie

Shelly @ Fei Po
(nice mode)

Javier’s tantrums caused by Ms Shelly (nice mode gone)

Javier : You better apologize before I tell my Daddy!
Grand Auntie Shelly : OKAY hug, kiss, smile for camera!

After dinner, we chit and chatted, we left. Some turned their ways back home and some went off I don’t know where. For all I know is that, better get home early to prepare for school day. There’s ironing to be done and kids to be tucked into bed.

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