Bloopers can happen any day, any time on an ordinary day. I’ve seen so many bloopers but not all the time I get to catch them in action. Here are just a few that I’ve saved so far….

While Mom and I were having breakfast… this lady came and sat at the table in front of us with her naked legs up on the chair. Chairs are meant for your butt, my dear and if you really want to raise your leg, better to do it at home. It’s just not hygienic and it’s inappropriate. She actually made me lost my appetite.

Oooo something that I caught on National TV. The revealing of Yasmin Ahmad’s latest movie, “TALENTIME”. As you can see, ‘TOMMORROW’ is spelled wrongly with double Ms’.

While I was having breakfast at Kumar, this guy with big biceps and fit body sat down with his pregnant wife. To my horror, his tattoo on his arm was a butterfly.. a huge butterfly. OMG my MOM and I were laughing our heads off!!

My usual shopping place, Jaya Jusco because it’s only a mere 5 minutes drive from my Mom’s place. While I was pacing through the aisle, I saw IT! FREE Sock (only a sock? what to do with a sock?)

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