Our stay at Shangri-La Hotel KL on the 2nd day of CNY was so good that I can belt a song out of it. Everything was beyond wonderful. The staff were friendly; from top to bottom, in and out. We don’t have any complaints.

We can view the pool!!!

And the maze which amazed the kids!

I’m checking out every corners and drawers..

Extra pillow and blanket already in placed – how convenient

Packed fridge but the Milo nuggets, Milo drinks and big bottle of Sprite are ours…

Lotsa titbits but they don’t come cheap!

  • OREO – RM18.00
  • Pringles – RM14.00
  • Chocolate Bars – RM12.00 each

Plugs galore!

If there were any red line to dwell into, I’d say the price of food were a bit high but when your plate arrives, you’ll be AWED! Food portion is huge, rich in flavors and colors. What more could you ask for? You’ll never get the ‘not enough to eat’ tagline when you dine in Shangri-La. It’s almost like “Kylie Minogue’s WOW” song.

Wantan Mee Soup

Teochew Congee

Club Sandwich

Turkey Ham Pizza

We swam day and night (it rained thou)…. but kids’ pool is canopied!!!

We were waving to Jake who was 5 floors above us in the hotel room..

On the 2nd day of our stay, we took a premier cab to Pavilion for only RM6.20. We had lunch at Rainforest Sports Cafe which was beside True Fitness. Food was okay but the atmosphere wasn’t.

‘Pak Wu Ying’

As usual after water playing is tiring.

Even Judith was grouchy.

Need sugar rush…. we opt for Iranian ice-cream.. made the tradisional way…

We ordered 4 servings.. one for each of the kids and one shared by Jake and I.

After ice-cream and some mild shopping, we headed out to the cab-stand to get a cab back to the hotel. The first cab driver asked for RM15 flat and that was a total rip-off. We weren’t tourists and we sure know how much it cost to get by. It was doubled what we paid for. He was pretty pist giving us the stare. Then another cab flew by, without hesitation, we got in. Then, guess what! He only asked for RM4 prior arriving at the hotel entrance. We were shocked of the amount so Jake gave him RM10 and told him to keep the change. The cab driver was SO happy. I think I saw fireworks popping!!!

We went dinner at ‘The Pub’ inside Shangri-La Hotel.

Looks gloomy eh?

It’s orangey actually.

Digging into bread and butter

Shrimps and chimps.. OOPS I meant chips!

Foot long sausage dogs

Our rib-eyes

Javier loves chips
and taking pics too!!!

Before we checked out, we filled in the feedback form. Then.. surprisingly we got discounts on our F&B during room service! So sweet of them. So, take some time off to give a little feedback as you’ll never know what’s in store for you. But, voice out from your heart and not for the fun of it.

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