Poetry for Lappie

Lappie went into comatose yesterday
I don’t know what happened, it turned gray
Hub is trying to fix it since last night till today
Temporary using Hub’s XPS which is okay

My lappie brand is NEC
So as you can see,
It’s Now Entering Comatose voluntarily

NEC gets heated up so easily
I could fry an egg but that would be silly
After 30 minutes it gets pretty heaty
I’m afraid it might BOOM oh dear me

If my lappie can’t be fix,
I can’t blog, check mail nor mix,
And everything will be done at half past six
Oh what a jinx

So sad if it’s all gone
The kids’ pictures and videos that I fond
Just wait and see nothing to be done
Wish I had other gadgets just like Bond

Using Hub’s lappie is different
Though mine is tortoise; his is torrent
While mine is great; his is excellent
Still I’m used to what’s current

Hopefully lappie recovers and be well
So, there will be more show and tell
I’m not saying it ain’t good this DELL
It’s just that familiarity I equally dwell

Plan B is, gone is the old, comes the new
Can’t afford new, what to do…
Ponder and sigh with my many ‘PHEWS
Thinking hard, need a loan perhaps from YOU?

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