My 24th Birthday

Waiting to turn 24 and now that I’ve turned 24, I’m waiting for the next upgrade. My birthday was an easy one. Fuss-free with the day lazing around at home (cuz’ Hubby wasn’t feeling too well) to the dinner at Shang. I even got a birthday cake. YAY!

So, we had dinner at Lemon Garden Cafe’ – buffet style. So much varieties, so many to choose! From Japanese to Chinese to Indian to French to the mouth watering dessert station. I think Shang has the best buffet ever except for the few staff there who gave us the cold shoulder.

We dressed up to the excitement and actually got there pretty early. We hanged out, chit chatted then charged at the food!

Presenting the Birthday Girl oops I mean Birthday Lady

Lobby of Shangri-La Hotel

Lemon Garden Cafe’

ME and Cc
(from schoolmates to sister in laws)


FIL in his Chinese attire

MIL trying out candid pictures

Judith and Jake


Erm Cc copying Javier’s trademark grin

Nancy ever so charming

ME and Nancy – buffet buddies for the day

I guess Cc will be blogging about the food anytime soon..
Check out her posts at Bitz & PaRceL of LiFe

Javier wondering why we take so long to finish dinner



shrimps galore

breads and buns to your liking

lollies anyone?


tiny pudding cups – so cute

creamy mousse cake

fondue fountain

everyone wants a go at the fountain eventhough they’re not really into the fondue

After dinner, we headed home with fully packed tummies. We watched TV for an hour then turned off the lights for my cake cutting ceremony HAHA!

Cc the cake prepper – she’s very good at it. She does it every event except her own of course!

First glance of my Chocolate Mud Cake

Putting on candles

YEAP 2 big 4 small = 24

Waiting for FIL to get his lighter

MY brightly lit CAKE!

Sing to me

I hoped and I wished…..

…that I can blow out my candles with one puff; j/k

Cut the cake, slice it and distribute

Hubby kissed Wifey

Joe kissed ME

Judith kissed ME

Javier duwan to kiss me so I kissed him

MIL cheek peck ME

FIL and ME?
NOPE we did not kiss nor cheek peck. MIL wouldn’t like that, would she?
We shaked hands… a very hard hand shaked with squeezing effect!

Javier is crying because he couldn’t make the cake travel to his mouth while Nancy is pondering because she can’t savor the cake because she’s allergic to EGG. So….… she fed me instead. It really did made her happy!!

Javier cried non-stop

In the end, the fridge will save us from his tantrums!

When I said that Hubby wasn’t feeling too well, I really mean it. He hurt his foot. And below shows Tabib Ritha@MIL performing foot massage with gruesome pain.

Face of pain/ticklish?

MIL korek korek all the way

Joe, FIL and Judith

FIL with Joe
(like father n’ son)

Today, I’m 24 years and 2 days old. Counting down to my 25th Birthday. Thank you for the lovely presents that I received earlier and those that I have not received yet :p. Thank you everyone who made it happen; Singstar from Hubby, so many things from Mom, the thing in the cupboard from Dad, day at the spa from sis, ‘angpau’ from FIL and also from GRAMS (thou they’re back in KT, they’ve given me in advance), book voucher from Ed n Joanne, something I know I’ll like from Cc and Nancy, bday wishes from ET and Uncle Yan, bday call from Doyle (whom I’ve known since 11 but haven’t meet in years thou we stay only 2km apart), bday email from Josephine and Aunt WeiEn, well wishers from Facebook specially Jassy, Eirene, Kev, Melissa, etc., Ekin & Embak who sang my bday song with me and eat my cake and to MYself. TQ for being who I am and for being ME.

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