Mom + Parasite = Surgery@Hospital

mom got admitted into the hospital earlier today. It’s nothing biggie. She’s going for a minor operation to remove a parasite that has been growing on her since Thursday. By the way, this will be her second parasite. She’ll be getting a general anesthesia which is my cup of tea but in a good way. I love the counting downs and feeling all so sleepy! I made it sound not so serious right? But it isn’t. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Dad and I was there to accompany her during the process of registering which was tortoise like slow. Those behind counters were grumpy as any old folks could be. I understand it’s not a race but HELLO?? Some people are really in pain here.

She has to do some tests first. Hmm being over 50 years of age, she’s got to do blood tests, heart rate test, x-rays’, etc before being permitted to a surgery. I think she’ll spend half of her day there doing these tests. Going up and down and needles poking her. Most probably her surgery will be done in the late afternoon or evening. She might have to spend the night there depending on what the doc says.

Anyway, will keep yall’ updated once mom is out.


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