Grilling Dad Softly

Yesterday we grilled Dad. Not in food sector but mentally by using his credit card. Haha! Mom and I decided to do a little AV shopping at Jaya Jusco since Dad’s Hi-Fi is dead so as his DVD player and room TV. Mom and I wants to start a ‘karaoke’ session to entertain outselves. Guess that’s what housewives do to keep themselves company once the men are out of the house. But Dad’s retired…. but he always hides in his ‘den’; that’s what Mom calls it anyway. He sits in front of his PC and laptop and just glued to it. So, he’s like in the house but invisible.

Ok back to the grilling of Dad. Mom managed to assert Dad to get us the ‘karaoke’ mic with built-in 2046 songs which cost RM998. It was for Mom’s Vday Present and also for me; part of my 24th Bday Present. Dad also point out to Mom that this also includes the allowance of breakfast, lunch and dinner whole year round. Well….. Mom said, N-O-T!

At first, we did wanted to get the mic but if we’re not careful, a drop of the mic will KO the whole set. Gone will be, Dad’s $$$. So, Mom and I planned to buy a Hi-Fi cum ‘karaoke’ station which is much more worthy and cheaper. We didn’t tell Dad about our plan yet :p.

We chose Pioneer after trying out different brands.. and Mom decided to get Dad a mini Hi-Fi to replace the one he had in the library which was dead, so dead. We chose Samsung comparing to JVC and SONY because the sound is excellent and clearer than the others. We spent about 2 hours at the AV section. I think we grilled the promoter there too but he didn’t go away empty handed. We popped a red packet at him.

When we reached home, I called Dad to come help out with the stuff. When I opened the boot…

  • his eyes opened wide; almost popping out
  • he gushed, he ‘OH NO, what have yall’ done?’
  • ‘Why did you buy these?’
  • ‘How you know how to choose?’


-Our Pioneer-
DVD Player, Karaoke Mode with the X-BOOM and very good Bass.

Dad bla bla bla…

And etc… hehe! Oh that’s the Samsung that Mom got him in return of what he got for us. Half of the price of our Pioneer. His Samsung also plays DVDs’ plus the ease of USB ports.

Haha our Pioneer has free batteries but his NAR!!

Pioneer EV50DVD

Samsung MM-DA25T

After Dad helped us with the setup, he did enjoyed some ‘karaoke’ moments too! YAY!

-Beatles Mode-

He’s happy now! Karaoke saved the Dad!!!


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