Finally Some Thunder

We finally had some thunder. I’ve been waiting for the sound of the thunder and the whistling of the wind. It was raining like cats and dogs and it has been quite long since we heard the last thunder that happened last year. Hmm did I get that correct?

The kids as usual haven’t heard thunder for quite some time were freaking out except for Judith. Javier hid under the blanket while Joe went hopping around with his high-pitch sirens.

Freaking windy as you can see the plant outside the balcony is having a roller coaster ride!

Whoa the trees are swaying their branches off

So dark outside.. it was about 4.30pm but looked like 8pm

Javier hiding underneath the blanket

The field is flooding

Just 20 minutes later, the sky cleared….

And little Javier has come out of his hiding with smiles!!!

I read the newspaper today. There was an article about the storm which damaged a few apartments in Taman Segar, Cheras. Roof tiles flew off and landed on some cars nearby but luckily no one was hurt. This morning, on our way to the market; Mom was driving and she nearly banged into a fallen tree branch which was still hanging from its bark. PHEW~

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