Birthday Wish Granted

Hoorah my singstar arrived today. Hubby bought it for me through online for my coming 24th birthday. -TQ- It was delivered by Fed-Ex this afternoon. It came with the CD bundled with 2 microphones. One is red and the other is blue. Yippie! Judith and I can sing together.

Not that I sing perfectly but singing really does keep the stress at bay. Not that I stress a lot but letting go is good for oneself. Now I know why majority people patronize ‘karaoke‘ stations especially on the weekends after a hard week of work.

Hmm… but I’m sure people do go for ‘karaoke‘ sessions for the fun of it and the atmosphere where sitting in a stuffed room, singing their hearts out, sipping and munching on snacks. Not my kind of way to destress my body and mind. I think most probably I’ll get a migraine from it. I prefer quiet times at a cafe with a good read or a day at the bookshop ready does keep the blues away. Different people different perspective but singing is great!


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