Be Us on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s DayHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Hubby and ME don’t really celebrate VDAY on VDAY, well not necessarily because we think VDAYS aren’t important anymore. It’s more like a gimmick nowadays where certain parties using this special day to fetch extra money. Any day could be VDAY. It would be more significant to choose a date and celebrate with your special one than dining in a fully booked diner with the crowds chatting away and watching tables of lovers canoodling each other. It’s weird to look to the left and see a couple; then to your right another couple; so as front and back! It’ll be more like a food convention for couples; gone are the romantic moments~

Today and every other year on this very same date, we bring the kids out for dinner. We love celebrating VDAY with the kids. We had dinner at RESTAURANT GAFAN, a famous claypot rice shop along Connaught Highway.

Lotus Root Soup with chicken leg, peanuts and dried cuttlefish
(Judith’s favourite)


Chicken Claypot Rice with Salted Fish

Fish Claypot Rice

Vegetable in Oil

Jake mixing it all up while Judith ponder what’s baldness like…

Javier crazy about the toufu, that we had to order a second plate for him

Yesterday, Hub surprised ME by telling ME we were going for dinner at SAN FRANCISCO STEAKHOUSE at MidValley to celebrate my birthday. We often patronize there because of its service and quality of food. There were couples celebrating VDAY yesterday because today was fully booked. Thank goodness we went there early and left before tens of two by two’s came in.

We both ordered ‘Black Angus Regular Cut’ which was wickedly tender and juicy. Hub had his in medium rare and mine medium. Bloodied which I adore!

See? I do eat veges!

We didn’t take much photos. Hub took photos from his hp camera. I left my camera at home while Hub forgot to bring his. Anyway, we didn’t want any excess baggage either as we too, wanna enjoy each other’s company without fussing with buttons and flashes.

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