What Our Friends Think of Malaysia

Oh dear! I was browsing through tripadvisor and I came upon Malaysia Traveler Article on Malaysia Visit Malaysia Year 2007-Problems. Just reading the title has given me the bumps. Is Malaysia that bad? I really wanna know more so, I continued reading and believe me; this is one of the best articles I’ve read so far. I could go on and on if there were chapters. Haha! I do agree with most of the statements tripadvisor made.

Yup… just get a map to get to your desired destination. Less fuss and less complicating.

Where did I hear this before?

Without a doubt, Malaysia’s public transport system is going down the drain. I mean basically some cab drivers are being stalkers and making guilty money of conning our dear friends and also our own people.

While our very own Malaysian airlines’ staff are ‘tangan panjang’? Oh me oh my. How embarassing can that be? You really gotta read the article to understand it all.

But putting our public transportation aside, a point is made where we, Malaysians are always friendly and welcoming which is not surprising; as you often see, Malaysians are always delighted seeing tourists in our mainland.


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