The Truth About MY Eyebrows

What’s the story of my eyebrow?

  • My embroidered eyebrow?
  • Well, I paid RM500 to do eyebrow embroidery in Empro.
  • Ero gives you a more natural look where the artist will create fine thin lines to imitate the eyebrow hair whereas;
  • Ebrow are the common ones where you see most eyebrow embroidery specialist are doing. You’ll get a fuller eyebrow with this technique.
  • I did Ero because I wanted a natural look.
  • I went to the Empro outlet outside Piccolo Mondo early 2007.
  • After I did Ero, there wasn’t much results. I was pretty angry of the service I had.
  • Then, in 2008, I got a call from one of the consultants from Empro asking me to go for a touch-up. I told her what happened but she laughed about it. I mean she didn’t take note nor advise me what’s the next step; instead, she asked me to catch their latest promotion of eyebrow embroidery before it ends and she also asked me to try their other services like elips and eyeliner embroidery.
  • I, of course with anger turned whoever it is from Empro down.
  • Then in a forum, I started out a topic on this Eyebrow Embroidery thingy. Voicing out my thoughts and inquiries on other beauty parlors that are also doing the eyebrow embroidery services.
  • Few months later, I received an email from Natalie from Empro regarding my complaint and the unsatisfactory outcome I got; asking me to provide my contact details which I did happily.
  • They called and we chatted. Finally, I was invited to redo my eyebrow without any additional charges. This time, I didn’t want to go back to the outlet in Bukit Bintang so, I booked for an appointment at Desa Sri Hartamas.
  • Miss Too was my eyebrow senior artist and she was very friendly unlike the consultant who greeted me which I thought was a bit OTT.
  • I chose Ebrow this time because I’m afraid the results would be the same again. And Miss Too also agreed with my decision because I had one fuller brow and the other quite sparsely.
  • Ebrow is cheaper (RM330) comparing to Ero.
  • I did not have to pay as I mentioned but I do wonder if I’d get my money balance since I paid RM500 for the first failed service. Hehe! Consider it as donation then!
  • After some pain and headache… a few weeks passed, I had perfectly shaped eyebrows.
  • I went for a touch-up which Hubby reminded me to go (TQ) and it was double ouch and I think the results are the same as the week before. But, it looks pretty okay, I’m satisfied but I still need to fill in my eyebrows whenever I go out. At least I don’t have to shape and draw them now – thank goodness!
  • I know I’ll have to go back there again maybe next year to do a touch-up which will cost me about RM250. Eyelash Perming used to be RM50 but I don’t know if the price had increased or not.
  • All in all.. I’m glad it’s !DONE! and I’ve got results at last!

-TQ Miss Too for the wonderful shaped eyebrows-
-TQ Natalie for contacting ME-
-TQ Mr Coco for noticing my ‘call for help’ in the forum-

-TQ Hubby for sending me over to Desa Sri Hartamas twice plus the hours you waited over juices and newspapers-

*for details on Empro services, just click any Empro words I highlighted*


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  • Hi Elena,
    i was contemplating going for embroidery at empro as well. Just wondering, in the photo you posted above, did you colour it to make your eyebrows darker, or is that that how it looks like naturally [is the Ebrow colour that strong?] Thanks :) Su.

  • Hi!
    It's dark as it is because my new brows were just a week old. After a month or so, they do lighten a lot! Like now, I still have to use an eyebrow pencil to shade certain areas because I believe this kind of embroidery won't last long and you do have to go back to them every year for touch-ups. To me, maintaining the shape is more important. Cheers

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