The Day Before School Starts

It was a Sunday..

  • last day before school starts; YIPPIE for me but not for kiddos’
  • last day before I have to wake up at 6am; SUX for all of us
  • last day before I start struggling with ironing uniforms; especially Judith’s pleated dress…
  • last day before I have less hours to spend with Jake because I have to sleep at 10.30pm instead of 12am!!!

We went to The Curve, so..

  • we ate at MARCHE’ MOVENPICK;
Javier showing his love for Ribena

Jake sipping his Orange + Green Apple Juice

Joe digging into his Pasta

Cheeky Judith chewing her butter bread dipped in mushroom soup

Javier with his plate of sausages – proudly sliced and placed in a circle by Jake

Jake starstruck by just looking at ME! Oh I’m only kidding!

Rosti + Lamb Sausage

Kids shopping for ice-cream

Joe picking out his toppings at the ‘Topping Bar”

  • walked to CINELEISURE

Judith at the bridge linking Asian Courtyard to Cineleisure

Joe said : The sun is too bright, I can’t open my eyes!
Jake said : Let me open them up for you!!!
Joe said : Aaaaaa…..

At least, I got a good feedback from Javier

Judith said : Look on the LEFT, up there got a crane.
Javier said : Oooo…
Joe : Up where? Up? Just Up? Where?

Kiddos fascinated by Mickey Mouse poster

Judith showing the boys who’s not afraid of heights

Judith got very excited with this poster of ‘Asajj Ventress’

  • crossed-over to IKANO which got the kids excited over this…


Kiddos’ going UP!

Judith reluctant to go down

Hop! Hop! Hop! Down she went!

Little One in the Middle : Wow, I wish I can go bald like this boy on my right! Sure very cooling!

Javier kept on bouncing from the top

Boink! Boink! Boink!


Judith trying to tame her wild skirt!

Here, she’s impersonating one of Marilyn Monroe’s famous pin-up act!

Then, we met this little Japanese boy who definitely had too much sugar in his system. I call him ‘U-ta-la-men’ because that was what he kept mumbling about throughout playtime.

He rolled and tumbled down the slide

Over and over again

And, ‘THUMP’ on a little one. No worries, no one was hurt!

One by one, children saw what ‘U-ta-ra-men’ did and they proceed to follow him; including Joe…

Joe falls pretty gracefully, I don’t know why!

  • lastly, we went to ACE HARDWARE to get stuff for my mom when Judith encountered this particular mask;
Haha! Reminds me a little of the goldfish@Fish out of Water in “Chicken Little”.

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