M&M Cookies

Last Friday, I asked the kids to join me in the kitchen to bake cookies. Javier chose the recipe which was M&M @ Chocolate Chip Cookies. Kids love bright colors so I guess that caught his attention. Judith sifted the brown sugar, Joe sifted the flour, Javier decorated the cookies with M&Ms while I stir the batter which made my left wrist ached the very next day.

We started mixing at 2.30pm and finished making the batter at about 4pm. Baking process took about 15 minutes per bake with 15 cookies on a tray. We closed shop at 6pm.

Cookies in the oven – expanding and expanding

First tray out

Dad complaint that there were too little M&Ms. So, he came and decorate one himself which was wholly for himself only and he made sure of that.
14 mini M&Ms in total.. at first it was only 13 but then he said 13 was an unlucky number so he add another to get the 14th!

Then… Jake also asked me to put more M&Ms. As Dad used most of the M&Ms, mom had to go to 7-Eleven to buy another 2 bottles of M&M mini’s for me. Here is the result… on the top in the middle is Dad’s one! Not long after, he came and eat it before anyone does.

DELICIOSO~it’s fine and crunchy and happily sweet.

People’s Reaction of The First Bite:

  • Jake : Oh dear, this is freaking good!
  • Dad : Not enough M&Ms! More!!!
  • Mom : Hmm nice..
  • Grams : ‘Hou-Sek pat-ko tai tim’ @ nice but too sweet for us.
  • MIL : Sedap tapi terlalu manis. Kurang gula lain kali.
  • FIL : Chewed, swallowed, quiet which means GOOD.
  • Elaine : Can’t reach for comments.
  • Ed : Didn’t say anything just mmm.. mmm… and chowed 2 down.
  • Joanne : Can I have some more?
  • Nancy : I cannot eat becuz got egg!!!
  • Cc : Can’t reach for comments either.

As the saying goes, ‘melts in your mouth not in your hands’ but for this occasion, ‘it melts your heart’ because Joe, Judith and Javier made them!!!

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