Daddy’s 58th Birthday

Dad turned 58 yesterday. We had dinner at Yulek. Dinner was courtesy by Edmund. Hoo-Rah! Ed is rich. Gotta korek from him now. Hehe!

Birthday Boy and Birthday Boy’s Wife

PoPo and GongGong @ Granny and Granpa @ Grams

Judith with Elaine

Uncle Yan @ Shaun/Shawn wahahaha and Josephine

Joanne with Ed, the future moneyaire

Jake has gone bald. Some of you have seen his new look which he calls the ‘sexy monk’. Okay… that’s only between me and him behind closed doors. Shhh…

Happy Hubby Monk and ME!!!

Grouchy Hubby Monk and ME

Ed, Peeking Hubby Monk and ME

After dinner as usual cake ceremony and more pictures!!

Joe ate 2 big slices

These 2 playing nice… for now

Situations like this are common when they don’t play nice

When we eat too much…..

Our head gets kinda’ heavy as Ed is showing here…

You get stoned just like this two love birds

Below, is the art of paying for food..

first lesson : bring exact amount + smile when putting money in tray

second lesson : leave coins and other small notes to the ladies (so does that mean, dinner was courtesy by Joanne too?)
third lesson : don’t look when your money is being taken away

As you see in other pictures, Uncle Yan brought his kick-butt camera and of course kick-butt pictures would come out of it. Here are some of the pictures he took while we fought for lens attention!
Dad and Mom


Joanne and Edmund

Judith and Elaine

Javier and Joe busy with games

Ed, Jake and ME

Hubby’s baldness was indeed kinda’ sexy in a way. Haha makes me wanna grab and bite him!!

Here we’re doing the monkey scratch

Kiss the head everyone says

But… I prefer to bite instead!

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