CNY’s Eve

Chinese New Year’s Eve is also the ‘reunion dinner’ day where all sons have to go back to their mommy’s house; and that includes the son’s wife… which is ME!

Haha.. the day began with us bringing the kids out to The Curve/Cineleisure/Ikano. We had breakfast at Marché and it was an absolutely horrifying one. We’ve always liked Marché but it seems that visit would be our last. The staff were so cold there. Most of them weren’t kind enough to serve our orders except for the Pizza guy. It’s like we went into a bad dream. Kids’ pasta was taken off the menu so I ordered a medium size one for Joe. And.. this is the medium size which costs RM14.80++ :I think Pizza Hut serves bigger portion than this.. this is adult size. Joe didn’t have enough.

Pizza was great!

Joe had a few slices to fill himself up.

My chocolate roll was the most affordable one RM2.oo++.. so big and decent.

Javier and his antics… check out his beef sausage with cheese fillings.

The colorful Salad Bar

After our brunch, we marched to the sound of the Lion Dance. From there, we walked around the boulevard…

Joe playing with the fountain

and made Jake’s new shoes wet!

We want a picture of the both of us so we asked Javier to snap. This is his cam-work..
We weren’t ready so this was quite spontaneous.

This was Judith’s cam-work!

We went home and rest then went to Jake’s parent’s place for the ‘reunion dinner’. It wasn’t only the family members who were there but almost all of FIL’s factory workers were present.

Joe checking if CC have any ticks… haha

CC wants her ticks back from Joe

Hub brought the PS3 home to entertain the kids. It’s going to be a long stay at the house. PS3 is the new babysitter!

FIL is da’ BOSS.. Look at him! Don’t you think he looks like those Mafia with his ‘ma-chai’ around him?

Glad I got a pose from him

Ronald and Lidya

Nancy vying for Miss Bubbly pageant!

Bebek puffing away

Tanté Joyce

Nancy and CC is demonstrating how to ask for ‘red packets’/’angpao’ the right way..
Nancy is doing the cute look while CC is doing the sexy look. HAHA! Go girls!

Joe doing the begging act

Judith quickly received and proceed

Javier ‘merajuk’ cuz he’s the last of the three

Aww… hug is the best tactic!

Then, it’s our turn to receive the ‘red packets’/’angpao’. From oldest to youngest. Queue up one by one… after that is gambling tradition. Haha!!!! Gone are the ‘angpaoz’.

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