Aunt Monica’s Place

Today, we went to visit Aunt Monica. Aunt Monica used to be my mom’s neighbor back when we were staying in Taman Sri Aman. After we moved, Aunt Monica moved too. The kids and I haven’t seen her in years. She looks great but a bit on the thinner side. The kids lurve the visit because they got to see Duchess. Haha wondering who is Duchess? Well, she is Aunt Monica‘s dog, a toy poodle. Duchess is soooo friendly. She loves kids and never once barked at Joe, Judith nor Javier. At first the kids were a little afraid of her but after awhile Judith got down and play. Then sooner, Joe also got around it. Javier, as usual is afraid of furry stuff; he kept screaming and jumping around on the couch, hiding behind my dad and mom. Then, when we wanted to leave, Duchess kept on barking asking us not to leave. She came with her squissy ball in her mouth tugging at our feet wanting to play ‘fetch’. She’s so cute and the kids already made a booking that they want the same dog as Aunt Monica.

Meet Duchess the toy poodle

That’s Aunt Monica with Duchess at her side

Dad having the kids’ bite

He’s having cream sticks….

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