Aunt Monica’s Place Episode 2

We had a second trip back to Aunt Monica’s house. The kids were very excited. They kept bragging about seeing Duchess’ again. Javier had been pondering since he came back from school from 12pm till 2pm. My dad dilly-dallied; as a result, Javier shot him annoying questions like, ‘Why so long one?’, ‘Why haven’t go one?’, ‘Faster-lah Grandpa!’.

This time, I’m well prepared bringing my camera along; hopefully to snap nice pics of Duchess’ the toy poodle.

Javier insisted on bringing his Omnimatrix to show Duchess’

Judith practices her tantrums

Joe looking sleepy but never agrees with his body

*all buckle up behind

When we arrived, sat down, this was Javier’s post! He remained seated at all times with a pillow to protect himself from Duchess’

Letf Right Left Right… our purpose of visiting Aunt Monica. Mom helped Aunt Monica to prepare the red cloth for the main door as Aunt Monica is going to be a mother-in-law again!!!

As the women brag around, the kids happily sit on the couch munching love letters. Aunt Monica purposely went out and bought a tin for them! YUP the word ‘kid’ also refers to my Dad! Kid at heart!

Grandpa : Share! Share! One at a time!

Duchess’s Photo Album


Introducing ‘DUKE’ the cocker spaniel…

After some sugar rush, kids did some cam whoring. Only one photo was usable…

Tug & War or more like Fish & Pull

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