A Long Day on Saturday

Hubby promised the kids that he’ll bring them to MegaKidz so, that’s where we went on Saturday…


Javier thought these were real balls. He went and kicked one of them then, he thought it was too big to be moved; so he went on and kicked the smaller one. Ouch~ LOL!

The entrance to Midvalley

Red lanterns…

Red paper craft cuttings

MegaKidz here we come!!! Entrance is RM23.95 per child. Parents can enter for free but they only allow up to a max of 2 adults per family. If more, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee. Hmm… pay for kids and I get unlimited play, wahahaha!

Well, we couldn’t spend the whole day there. We arrived there bout 11am then we left at 1pm. 2 hours of fun. It might not be enough for the kids but it was getting really packed and a packed playground isn’t much fun. Imagine! Looking after 3 kids is already a mini marching band.. imagine a whole lot of them running around screaming.. DAYMARE!

Yup that’s ME in the middle. I was screaming my heart out silently, well actually calling out for “Ma-Mee, Me-Mee, Me-Mee”… haha

Judith went up alone!!

Where are they going?

They went up the longest snake slide inside MegaKidz!

Judith came down first

Then Joe…

Haha look at Judith’s face! Joe is definitely not afraid anymore.

Then came Javier and ME thundering down the slide. Hubby said he knew it was ME sliding down cuz there were, ‘Gong! Dong! Bong’ sounds coming from the snake slide. Sounds embarassing to ME! It was freaking fast. It was either the jeans I wore or they’ve polished the slide because I remembered the previous time I came, I was stucked halfway coming down.

Bouncy Castle – Javier’s off limits! He’s afraid of it we don’t know why. He’d rather stand at a side and wait for Joe and Judith to finish bouncing than going on it. Too bad not for the adults, if not I’d be in one of the pics.

After some drinks for the kids to cool down, we head off to meet my mom at CODO for lunch. Mom followed us out to get some stuff for her friend. After lunch, we went home and rest. I rest anyway; I took a nap which I always look forward to on a Saturday while Hubby entertained the kids with games. So, I normally take naps whenever Hubby is around on a weekend:p.

After my nap, we went to Great Eastern Mall to have dinner with Cecilia and Nancy. This dinner was supposed to celebrate Hubby’s 26th Birthday but MIL had something to do; so, FIL had to tagged MIL and so it leaves us siblings and kiddos.

On our way to Great Eastern Mall, look what we bumped into?Fear Allah do.you? Hmm no comments on that but with so many Mat Rempits’ around, I doubt it.

We ate at Daidomon, a Japanese BBQ Restaurant. It’s RM68++ per head while kids are RM10++ per person. We chat, we ate, we drank, we BBQ-ed, we cooked, we savored, we indulged, we did everything we could to make the RM68++ worth it and I know we did well. We ate so much that Daidomon employees were eyeing on us when are we going to stop odering. Haha! Even Joe ate a lot. Before we left, we took some pictures and when we were on our way out, we got a pretty big goodbye performance from the employees. WooHoo~ maybe they were glad we left at last! Sorry, we’ll be back for more!!!

ME cam-whoring after dinner. Do I look full? Nope!

Javier and Jake (copy + paste)

Judith and Nancy (another soon to be copy + paste)

Cecilia in her “CC Image”.. I wanna look for an image soon. Hmm what color should I put myself into?

Yup I know we are outdated.. It’s the Ox Year I know I know…

Javier playing COOL!

Joe in his alter ego… NOT!

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