A Day Out With Sis

Sis and I had a sister’s day out. She spent me breakfast, lunch and a complimentary stone massage for my 24th birthday which is only around the corner YAY! Sometimes, I don’t remember my own age. I always assume I’m still 21. Well, time flies by fast. I’d be 30 soon HAHA!

So, we left early to beat the crowd. Firstly, we went to The Gardens. Sis had to go and look at some stuff at Marks & Spencer while I had to go to MidValley to get a kid’s sleeping bag for either one of the kids for our hotel stay. Whose sleeping bag it’s gonna be I wouldn’t know but I know they’ll be fighting over it.

We arrived at Gardens at about 10.30am. Sis spent breakfast at Coffee Bean.

After doing some window shopping and we got what we wanted, we went to Sri Hartamas where we lunched at “Bonjuk”, a tradisional Korean porridge restaurant.Looks scrumptious? They are!

Korean Tea taste like a mixture of tobacco and tea leaves

My Porridge Set – Mushroom and Beef

Sis chose Kimchi Octopus

Food was delicious and not so filling which was good for pre-massage. Before we left to Ikano, a visit to the loo is a must!!! This was the most interesting loo I’ve ever been since my 23 going to be 24 years of life. Sorry that I have to show you the bowl picture but you have to see it to feel what I felt. HEHE!
Don’t worry it’s sparkly cleaned!Check out the buttons… so many to press. Ok, there’s…
  • front cleaning
  • rear cleaning
  • air dryer
  • nozzle position
  • water pressure
  • water temperature
  • air dryer temperature
  • seat temperature
  • move nozzle
  • STOP

*okay I admit I’m outdated but it’s alright as long one admits it.

So we went for our massage. I didn’t take any photos. Not because I forgot but ‘paiseh’. What if the management don’t like; don’t wanna get sued. Sis booked for the stone massage at ‘BEAUBELLE’. It was great! Starts with soaking of the feet in a bamboo bucket while a designated masseur will do your shoulders and neck and part of the head. After our legs are soft and our head a bit light-headed, we were ushered to the couple room. Stripped off, room temperature and woo-hoo music, our stone massage began. It’s very very very good. You all should try it once. So hot but so unstressful. Haha! Can’t tell you more except during massage, you can hear the clickaty-clank of the stones hitting each other. I had a migraine beginning of the massage, after some hair-pulling, I felt fantastic!

After the massage, both my sis and I looked worn out; that’s what hubby said when he came to meet me. Sis went home while hubby and I went for a time-out dinner at Fireman BBQ Steamboat Restaurant. This was our 2nd visit. First visit, we came with the kids. At the moment they are having a promotional period where RM19.90 per person, you can call as much as you like. It’s very affordable and worthy (if you’ve got stomach size of hubby’s!).

The atmosphere was gloomy at first then more and more people came..

Burn baby burn!

Honey Lemon – superb that hubby drank 3 glasses

Lemon Blackcurrant was my 2nd drink; first was also Honey Lemon

Overall, THANKS to my sis for the wonderful day with food and massage & THANKS to hubby for the surprise turn-up after the massage!
-Such a beautiful day with love ones-

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