Where’s The Fact???

On Friday, after going to the night market at Taman Segar, we went into Leisure Mall to get drinks for the kids. Jake wandered around the ‘Charity Christmas Tree’ which was for the underprivileged and orphans and little did he know, the wish list from orphans were full. He went closer, and he guessed he knew why they weren’t being picked. Check out what kids want nowadays:

SK-II Make-up set? Whoa.. go slow but we had to look twice in order for our head to process that item.

Hair Straightener? And my goodness, she even included the brand name!!!

Ipod Nano checked – hello??? PSP Game? Oh dear and MP4.. I’m going dizzy seeing this!
I don’t even have an Ipod myself nor a MP4 player.

Here goes the same wishlist which I’m afraid he’ll never receive. Being materialistic is one but having high expectations in gifts will never go far. They shouldn’t be asking for this kind of wishes. Even those responsible for them should have advice them on what to wish for instead of brandishing high hopes on behalf of them.

Therefore, we chose a few that were needy and really need something to help them to have a better life. This is one of them..

Form1 Revision Books and Dictionary. Isn’t that much more relevant to those above?

Aww… Ball and Book. How wrong could that be for a 5 year old? Even if he wished for a remote control car, I would get him one.

Well, I’ll be shopping tomorrow for balls, books, stationary, books, etc for our chosen wishers. Hopefully they’ll be happy when they open their presents. For those of you out there, go to your nearest shopping mall, lookout for the ‘Charity Christmas Tree’, pick a few names and make a few more kids happy on this special occasion. They’re gifts from the heart not from your wallet; after all it only happens once a year. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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