Sorry, I’m having ‘Year-End SICK’~


Sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog these few days. I’m down with a bug, well not exactly a bug just hypo technically speaking. Argh, it’s bad. I feel nauseous, I have bitter taste bud, my tummy is bloated; making music all the time kinda like the ‘blurp-blurp’ symphony. Then there’s the stomach cramps; which are like the twisting of a cloth to drain off the water, the backaches, leg aches; which makes walking up the stairs a real fuss and sleeping at night a great juggle and of course not to mention that I even sweat in an air-conditioned room. Whoosh~ cold flush!
Then, I don’t have the appetite for anything. I pooed too. Mostly ‘rendang’ style! And worse is that, my dad has the same symptoms as me. Wonder what we ate or whatever entered our system. I think I need M.D.House right now. Oh dear I’m speaking hypo technically again. Makes me oozy too. I’ve taken green tea, 100 plus, panadols, diarrhea pills, gastric pills, wind pills, ginger tea, etc. All kinds of liquid and tablet form of removing wind.
Yet, I still feel the same. Feel so useless, no mood, no strengh, grouchy and all the lazyness it may conclude. I’ve been resting which makes me feel better but doesn’t when I wakes up. But it’s definitely improving since the first day. I could barely bathe Javier that night. I was like a walking zombie. Hmm.. wonder have I lose weight? Gotta weigh myself when it all ends.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and you’ll hear from me soon! Cheers~

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