We’ve been wanting to bring the kids to this ‘NiuZeXui’ place for the Festive Fun-tasy. So, on Saturday we finally buckle up and brought them there. It is situated in Ara Damansara and it wasn’t that hard to find. Just as long as you get into Taman Megah Mas and follow the signs. It’s quite deep inside the housing estate passing by low cost flats and apartments. Parking was free which was great but the sky was pouring when we arrived. So, we decided to have dinner first while waiting for the sky to clear.

We had dinner at Fullhouse.
The place is nicely done, very fairytale like with white trimmings around the restaurant.
While waiting to be served….
Even Mickey wants a picture!
But.. the food was awful. Almost everything we had were microwave prepared and powdered formed. Eww.. more like dining in a fast food diner. I think McDonald’s taste better than this.

This is Javier’s Foot Long Sausage with Mashed Potatoes
Joe’s Chicken Spaghetti Bologna’s

Judith’s Fish and Chips…
Hub’s Clam Chowder Soup which was like drinking cream milk > yuck~
one miserable looking garlic bread,
Hub’s Spaghetti Marinara..
My awful awful instant korean noodles which was published as, “Korean Noodles served with Egg and Sausage”. Even my local mamak serves better instant noodles than them!
Calamasi drink and Red Apple Soda which wasn’t even red! Maybe they ran out of red and improvised with green instead. Hmm…
Here’s Javier digging into his sausages..

After dinner, we walked around indoors then towards the outdoors once the rain halted but it didn’t exactly stopped. It was still drizzling but it’s better to drizzle a little than raining cats and dogs. Inside, there were only a number of shops and stalls selling novelties, gift ideas, apparels, etc. Most of them are food and cafes. Lots of Korean BBQ.

Anyone need a NUTCRACKER?

Perhaps a little nutcracker to crack little nuts? Ho..Ho..Ho..
Antique Toy Car Collectors, come here…
Erm.. Spidey fan? Your dream can come through now if you ever wanted Spidey to cuddle you to sleep every night.
Colorful Flip-Flops.. hmm good for those who plan to walk the whole day.
Let’s go to Tokyo… btw it’s really little just as the sign says. Take 15 steps in then you’re already out!
Something like ChinaTown, don’t you think so?

Before entering the festival of lantern and lights, we had to purchase tickets. Adults’ tickets are priced at RM10 per person whereas kids at RM5 (3-12yrs old). But, there’s a catch! Tickets you purchased are reusable inside the exhibit area to buy souvenirs. So, actually entrance is free just as long as you have a ticket.
Lilo & Stitch
Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip n’ Dale, rescue rangers~ ooo Tigger is being tiggerific as always!
Ooo.. my favorite nightmare hero!!!
Wall-E & EVE.. we must be loving these 2 so much since there were so many pictures we took together with them!
Marie the kitty..
Hundred Acre Woods..
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck!
Highschool Musical
Zac Efron aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. he’s mine ATM.
All things underwater…
Gold plated Mickey? Nope… Bronze? Nope… Chocolate coated? Nope… Just Mickey coated with paint!

After the Funtasy experience and the light shower we got from the gloomy sky, we headed inside for a cuppa. STARBUCKS here I come!! The STARBUCKS at this one of a kind concept mall is different. It has 3 floors. So, up the kids and Jake went to the highest floor while I get them drinks.

ME and my cuppa! One week one dose. So YUMMY~
Go Green! Safe the Environment! Cherish our Earth!
*Little things you do makes a whole lot of difference to our green friends out there!*

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