It’s Still Christmas

As you know, Christmas lasts for 12 whole days. So, we try to make the best out of it during the weekend for the kids. On Saturday, we brought them to Pavilion to catch the movie, “Bedtime Stories”. It was a family-friendly movie to remind us of the times we had bedtime stories.. I don’t remember much of my childhood but I do know that I read myself to sleep every night. HaHa~ Maybe that’s how I got my four eyes!

“Bedtime Stories” is a production by Disney in collaboration with Happy Madison Productions which

Adam Sandler owns. He himself is one of the main cast together along with
Guy Pearce who acted in The Count of Monte Cristo
Keri Russell from Felicity

Courtney Cox from Friends

Russell Brand whom you last saw in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

Lucy Lawless also known as the famous XENA, Warrior Princess
This fun movie was directed by Adam Shankman who is also one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance US version.

Oh, not to mention BUGSY the guinea pig with the gigantic eyes.

The kids love the storyline as each story that Uncle Skeeter tells to his nephew and niece during bedtime comes alive. All the stories are about himself; his alter egos, trying to the bend the storyline for his own benefits but to no avail he realized what’s more important.

After the movie, we went to Carl’s Jr. for a snack. Jake and I shared a burger while the kids had shakes and fries. On our way there, we were apprehended by….

A Youngling? So cute!!!

Joe and Judith got caught by a Storm Trooper and they’re happy!

At Carl’s Jr waiting for mommy to order the food

Javier showing off his rotten teeth

As for dinner, we went back to the affordable Thai Restaurant. It was Judith and Javier’s first visit so they were very excited to be able to look at fishes while eating.

So early so many cars already… check out the black X-Trail.. ours. You definitely need a higher car to enter the hilly and rocky road. The kids loved the bumpy ride.

That’s where we’re going!!!

Lonesome fishing


BBQ Lamb…..hihi




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