Girls’ Day Out

On Saturday, mom, sis and ME went out together. Hub voluntarily stayed home to kiddysit the kids. YAY~ First, we went to The Curve where sis went to her gym class while mom and I had our breakfast at Restaurant Kayu, at Tesco. It’s not really a restaurant, kinda like a ‘mamak’ stall but a bigger type. I ordered ‘murtabak kambing’ while mom savored ‘rojak’ and a packet of ‘nasi lemak’. My ‘murtabak’ only arrived after mom finished both her dishes. Sobs and the hardest part was chowing down the RM8 ‘murtabak’ which was about half an inch thick. I had to shift some to mom before it goes to waste. After breakfast, we went to Tesco. Dad asked mom to get rubbish bags and I ended up spending too much time inside Tesco at the toys section and also other aisles. Hey this Tesco is different from the one at Cheras. So much things to see and so much prices to deliberate. Haha~ After meeting up sis at The Curve, we took some pictures at the concourse area while trying to tame her wild yoga mat!

The entrance to Little Helpers’ Land

Meet one of the Little Helpers
Sis and ME

Spot the yoga mat!
Now you see it?
Now you don’t!!!

Spot the yoga mat again!

Mom not ready for a snap yet

Mom and her first 2008 Christmas Season picture!

Oooo.. after leaving, we head off to Segambut to dig into seafood noodles!

Sis acting COOL~ whoa

Playing peek-a-boo with mom between the rear seat and the passenger seat

ME! Check out my new ebrow by Empro
(will add in details later on what happened to my eyebrow later)

After 15 minutes drive, we reached Segambut… here we are the famous Seafood Noodle shop where it costs a bomb a bowl now @ RM15.

Reach ady – sis pointing out where we’re eating

Hmm wonder which pot they’re going to use to cook my seafood?

Seafood Curry Noodle @ SIS’s

Seafood Tom Yam Noodle @ MOM’s

Clear Soup Seafood Noodle @ MINE
(due to stomach discomfort, I only ordered the seafood sans the noodles and it’s still RM15 a bowl – OUCH)

The 3 musketeers

After lunch, which was about 1pm, we drove to Bangsar. Mom need to get some Christmas grocery shopping done, especially the meats and the herbs so off we went to Village Grocer at Bangsar Village. I didn’t snap any pics there while I was there because I was too busy looking for Christmas gift stickers which until now I couldn’t find any. I did found one but 50 stickers at RM54 ain’t acceptable to me. So.. if you spot any, don’t mind giving me a beep do you?

After grocery shopping, we went home. Gotta send mom home before the both of us went to the salon to get our mane tamed. But, on the way home, we had to stopped by the mechanic to fix something..

They’re watching in delight while I’m being fixed.. haha joking only

This part of the car was being fixed.. the auto-window problem again and again

Check this out.. so creative ya – DIY boombox

Finally, after the car gor fixed, dropped mom off at home, we went to Joseph Cut and Color Salon. Sis zoomed all the way there. We had our appointment secured at 3.30pm but had to move it to 4pm instead. Sis went there to have her mane trimmed and colored while I wanted a new look > CUT SHORT……

Sis after her haircut before her dye


TADA~ new color and new plentiful layers cut

my locks before it got man-handled

so straight Joseph didn’t believe it’s real.. he thought I ironed my hair.. and I swear I haven’t in my life!

Mine.. all mine!!!



but…….. not short enough;

Hub wasn’t happy, mom said it wasn’t long; wasn’t short and even granny said shorter would be nicer. So.. the next day, hubby brought me over there to get it retrimmed again.


This was what happened :

  • Joseph didn’t want to cut my hair short in the first place
  • Joseph was afraid that I would regret after the cut
  • Joseph thought I would cry after I see myself in short hair
  • Joseph thinks the length is enough so he doesn’t want to go any further

But, what Joseph doesn’t know is that, I wanted to cry because of him not wanting to cut my hair shorter.. arrgh but he did quite a good job at last and I mean at last!!! PHEW~

Oh… I dyed my hair too but I did it at home, the very today but it seems like the color is almost similar to the previous one. Sobs.. gotta get another DIY hair-dye again and get hubby to choose the color. Hehe~

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