Elaine’s 29th Birthday

My sister, Elaine’s birthday was supposed to be on the 27th of November but we didn’t get to celebrate her 29th birthday for her because she was on a business trip to Shanghai. So, we planned a mini surprise for her at home with the whole family right after dinner; or should I say in between?

Everyone was home already. We were only waiting for her to return from work. Thank goodness she had to do some errands which spared us some time.

She was practically doing this when we brought the cake out…

Ooops~ her scream of joy blew out on of the candles.
Joking only! Her first word was “WHAT?”.
That’s me on the left trying to relight one of the candles!

She was overjoyed > I like this surprise.. so empowering and yet so simple!

Tears of JOY! She was saying, “But my birthday passed dy!” and “But I’m having my dinner!”

She huffed and puffed….

Can you see the after-blow of the candles? I see smoke~ ‘Smoking 29th Birthday’

Cut cake time! Mango Mousse Cake.

Elaine opening her gift from MOM. It’s a jade necklace shaped of a butterfly!

Ok.. I’ve got no idea what’s Javier doing down there.

All my sister’s gifts are BUTTERFLY themed because the world knows she loves them. Well, my grandparents didn’t get her a butterfly theme present but they gave her a red packet and who knows she might buy something which relates to it.

*butterfly jade necklace from MOM
*butterfly birthday card from ME, Jake, Ed and Joanne
*butterfly custom-made laptop sleeve from ME, Jake, Ed and Joanne
*butterfly box from kids
*butterfly ladies boxers from kids

Pictures with prezzies!!!



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