Christmas Fever

Christmas Season is here! Christmas is around the corner and the decorations are all up and everywhere. The kids love Christmas but who doesn’t, right? In fact, I think almost everyone celebrates Christmas. It’s the time to share and give…

Pavilion KL

The kids had fun playing with gold flakes. I didn’t join them as I wasn’t well but was recuperating. We had dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and Nancy spent us. Thank you! Before I ate, I threw up and after I ate I had repeated what I did earlier. So I was a little woozy. It either showed in the pictures I taken or it’s the movement of the camera that made them blurry :)

Joe got down on his knees

Javier wasn’t too happy when his CROCS were filled with gold flakes..
Look at Jake laughing! HAHA~

Jake helping Javier to empty his CROCS

Erm.. Nancy doing her version of, ‘It’s raining Gold Flakes, Hallelujah!’

Throw at Daddy!
Even Embak joined in playing with the kids


Attacking each other now…

The magnificent Gold Christmas Tree

Outside Marche/Courtyard
We had late brunch yesterday at Marche. My stomach was getting much more better but I need to take a pill half an hour before food intake to prevent me from vomiting. So, hubbie chose Marche so I can take my time to choose food and also to take my time eating. After eating, the kids head outside…

Judith and Joe posing for Candy Cane

Both of them were attracted to the little pumpkins on the ground. Joe thought Halloween is approaching. Silly fella~
Javier insists that the red baby cow is his. Sorry Javier, you can’t bring it home.

I didn’t get to snap any pictures while in The Curve, though the decorations are very beautiful and creatively done. It is because everyone was cam-whoring. OMG flashes of lights were everywhere.. but I’ll cam-whore sometime soon when I’m feeling 100% okay.

Mom started decorating the house in the afternoon but I only helped her late in the evening. I helped her put on the Christmas tree lights, added some decorations, did some here and there and VOILA~

Our beautifully, decorated, brightly-lit Christmas Tree

Judith wants a picture with the tree

Javier saying CHEESE

The living room.. Judith wants to be in this picture too! She came from nowhere.

The fire place without the fire.. here Judith comes again!

Aargh~ now she’s pretending to arrange the CRIB


The entrance to the living parlor.
It says, ‘PEACE BE WITH YOU’. So.. if you don’t find peace in yourself, don’t enter!

Decorated stair-rails

Even the teddies have their very own Christmas Tree
*thank you Aunt Wei-En and Uncle Chris for the cute bears*

A little tree in the kitchen to remind everyone it’s Christmas time s0 it’s the time to SHARE!

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