Christmas Eve @ In-Laws

Hey all! Sorry I didn’t get to update my blog. It’s been a busy Christmas and I’ve wrapped at least 65 presents this year. But it’s almost the same amount as every year. Hehe maybe the numbers does gradually increase each year.

Christmas last a whole 12 days which is great for all to catch up with friends and relatives. This Christmas, it was kinda humble in a way but it was really a warm one which Jake and I liked.

On Christmas Eve, we went back to my in laws’ place to celebrate. My MIL didn’t plan to have a party; just a small gathering with family and a few workers from the office. Christmas with my in laws’ are always loud but this year round, it was marvelous. No thundering music, no human traffic and no in-house smoking chamber whatsoever.

YAY! Bring on the gifts~

Balls of Christmas

Cc fixing Javier’s Ben10 Omnitrix.. present from her and Nancy to him

Joe trying out his gun given by Cc and Nancy for Christmas

Judith pro using the gun

Card Time!

MIL chilling with her SIL

What’s this? This is what FIL bought for Jake for both Christmas and his soon to be 26th birthday.

Jake took this picture tryng out his lens… zoomed-in from afar

FIL got me this for Christmas from Bausch K

One of my wrapping creations.

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