Christmas Day

Christmas Day was so so so so busy. We had to do everything from scratch. Sis and me did the prep, mom and granny did the cooking, Jake made shepherd’s pie, dad made the drinks and grandpa see what’s there to help us.

It’s was a hectic day that I didn’t get to take any pictures…… of Myself. Hehe! Didn’t get to snap the delicious food as well, sobs~ cause’ I wanted to show you all the colors we had. Well, we were practically walking back and forth and at times, I didn’t know where the kids were. But they were somewhere happily mingling with the crowd, making new friends.

The Christmas Tree overloaded with Christmas gifts for loved ones

Sis asked Judith to take this picture – check out her butterfly top

Elaine, all dolled up – and now in a butterfly dress from

Josephine, Uncle Yan and Judith

Oooo.. we also had a double celebration because it was also my granny’s 74th birthday. I think there were about 30 people who sang the birthday song for her. She was very surprised that we bought a cake for her.

Granny soooo hap-pee…. we were singing the birthday song here

Grandpa was singing along too! This was the ‘May The Good Lord Bless You’ song

Granny making her wish! Can you see FIL and MIL at the back?
Yup… they came as well YAY! So great!

Hand in hand; they cut the cake!

Christmas Caroling begins.. even MIL joined in

Newly-appointed Caroling leader? If you want his contact number, email me for next year’s Christmas Caroling schedule. Haha~

Javier and Jake chilling out waiting for cake

ME!!! Cutting the little birthday cake

Javier can’t wait for a slice

What’s left of the 5kg turkey which Grandpa bought for a whopping RM179.. thanks Gong-Gong for the voluptuous juicy turkey we had this year!

Joanne and Edmund stealing moments… WHOA in clear sight of everyone.. from that to this..Keke.. kidding only!

Judith and Yee-Ma cam-whoring

Ashish and Elaine.. YAY! Ashish made it too! Hope to see you next year!

Someone loves to clown around.. you better stick to what you do best : Singing and Strumming Your Guitar

Judith got her sunnies as a gift from Yee-Ma

Joe can’t wait to open his

Erm.. butterfly collection

Now you know who they belong to.. she got butterfly bikini and hat from mom and dad, butterfly pajamas from Jakelena, butterfly bookmark from Edmund and Joanne, butterfly earrings and a pendant from Josephine and Uncle Yan and a butterfly necklace from CC and Nancy.

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